Yash Nagle : an Influencer Working hard to turn his dream into Reality

At a time when most 20-year-olds are worried life, there is one young man, who is busy creating social media history! His name is Yash Nagle and he has a steady fan following on social media. Yash was not Day-Dreamer like Others he was truly hardworking boy. He was earning a huge amount from Instagram. The money he earns from the social media management and digital marketing, which is the main dream of all the youngsters.

He started his social media journey when he was in Collage 1st Year. Firstly he was working with @One_vision999 and after 1 year he Created his own page on Instagram name @Pro.Facts which is Now Followed by 4.5lakh People, He told that “i created the pages only for fun but now i have own business at such a young age & I’m earning a handsome amount of Money from it”
His dream is to Be a Professional Event Manager, soon he’ll open his own Event Management Venture. His dream is to be one of the top marketer in Indore.
There are two things about which Yash Nagle, a young prodigy, is equally passionate – his studies and the social media. He is a studious 20-year-old, who likes to stay up-to-date in his studies and at the same time. He is also Paying his Tution & Collage Fees by his own. Since from first year of College he didn’t ask for a single penny from His Parents
Later on, When ask about his Success he States,
β€œDon’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”


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