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Meet Huda Tahseen – The 19-year-old entrepreneur defying the odds & dominating the Forex Industry.

Copied At just age 19 – Huda Tahseen has gone from working at KFC to fund her normal teenage lifestyle to creating and owning her own educational platform “Huda Trades” She also teaches people how to trade on the foreign exchange market – and she’s only just recently hit 6 figures in revenue.

However, it wasn’t always like this for Huda as she herself has had setbacks that knocked her back to square one when starting out in her Forex and online entrepreneurship journey.

Huda first got involved with entrepreneurship and was looking for ways into making money online in January, 2019. Fed up with her job she found somebody on Instagram who promised her the investment of her dreams. Huda was approached by someone who claimed to “flip money” and that If she invested in herself and invested £200 of her own money – she’d get a whopping 900% return and make £2,000. She did end up investing in herself – and sadly got scammed.

Nonetheless, even though Huda had a negative connotation and view of making money online, this didn’t stop her from working extra shifts at KFC in order for her to make her money back from the scam she fell victim of. Two weeks later, Huda got recommended by a friend to start looking into Forex Trading – and this is where her mindset shifted and her life changed.

Anish currently caught up with Huda recently and interviewed her. Here’s how it went:

What is Huda Trades? –  How would you explain Huda Trades to someone who is completely new to the forex industry?

Here at Huda Trades, we specialize in helping young people break out of the rat race before they even enter it. We are the future of the forex trading industry. No affiliate brokers, no network marketing, and no signals. Just hardcore mindset and forex trading education. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader it doesn’t matter, we built to meet everyone’s needs. The purpose of Huda Trades is that we allow people to learn a skill set that will last them a lifetime and never leave them. You pay one fee, and it’s yours to keep – forever. However, if you wanted us to explain Huda Trades in four words? I’ll tell you we are – “The future of the Forex.”

Do you have any advice to give to young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business?

Do what you love and enjoy the process. You need to have a passion for the product you’re creating or selling. If you’re in it for the money – you’ll burnout, straight up. However, always remember to look after your health as running your own business can be very stressful from time to time. Our health is the greatest currency to our bodies – don’t overwork yourself all the time, there are only 24 hours in a day.

However, going back to the original topic – don’t use your health, job, or occupation as an excuse to not do work. Always take action and never be afraid of failure. We’ve conditioned from young to look at failure as a negative result. However, on the contrary, if you shift your mindset, you’ll see failure as a positive result – because the more you fail, the more you closer to winning. Second place is still losing; you want to be first at everything every time.

If you started your forex & online entrepreneurship journey completely from scratch. – What would you tell yourself to do in order to succeed with all the knowledge you have now?

If I were to start forex or online entrepreneurship again. I’d do things differently. I would not unprepared. I’d buy a notebook and write down five things that I want to achieve before the end of the year – and discipline myself to strive and chase my goals every day. No days off, no procrastination. You have to level up your mindset in order to succeed. Knowledge is power.

Is Forex trading the only thing you do? – Or do you have multiple sources of income?

Forex trading isn’t the only thing I do. I also have expertise in online marketing and run my own marketing agency – helping clients out with lead generation and Facebook advertising campaigns that convert normal people into red hot leads. Furthermore, In the short future I would actually like to start offering “OMA” or Online Marketing Agency courses for my clients as well, but for now I’m just focused on Forex Trading.

Finally, what is your next step in your entrepreneurial journey? Where do you see yourself in the next couple of years? 

My next step in my forex & entrepreneurial journey is to help 500 individuals to become successful with my mentoring and forex training program “Huda Trades” – and in 5 years, I’d like to see myself retired and still bringing value to people – whether that be forex trading & online marketing webinars, In-person training or online courses.


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