Mohd Nawaz: The story of an emerging musical artist and entrepreneur from India.

Mohd Nawaz is one of the known names with regards to arising vocalists and musical artists.

Other than being a fruitful YouTuber, Influencer, Blogger And Entrepreneur. he make a sign in singing and music. His inconceivable arrangement of melodic recordings and tunes makes him a known face in his circles and fans. His mastery in singing various sorts of tunes makes his fame taking off in the new beyond couple of months over the scene.

Mohd Nawaz Mubarak, Born ( 04 January 1993 ) in Muzaffarnagar, India, he is better known by his image name Mohd Nawaz and is an Indian vocalist and entertainer. He got acquainted with the music business with the dispatch of his first soundtrack ” Khairiyat | cover | Mohd Nawaz” on YouTube first. From that point forward it was no thinking back for the artist as he continued to accompany one and the other.

He then, at that point, set out with his next 10+ soundtrack on different music stages including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, iTunes, JioSaavan and Amazon Music to give some examples. In addition, he additionally was seen delivering his soundtracks over various unfamiliar music streaming stages including Napster, Tidal and Deezer to give some examples. Obviously, there are various recordings with his singing on stages like Tik Tok alongside other online media stages like Facebook Library and Instagram to give some examples.

He likewise established a music organization named “Mohd Nawaz Artist Soul”

officially, Mohd Nawaz is a tech blogger and a YouTuber in the area of innovation. He holds aptitude in various areas for his YouTube channel and offers the information to his fans. He manages a wide scope of specialized points also, which remember working for various areas like advanced advertising, SEO and PR exercises.

Plus, he is likewise an online video streamer to be reckoned with in this way making him a top big name director also. He finishes every one of his exercises over YouTube making things large over the web scene. Subsequently this has assisted him with arising a capable YouTuber via web-based media, which appeared to make them sing a ton in the music business. The development of the web has given numerous things to the clients and this incorporates web-based media also.

YouTube stays a significant stage, which can be utilized in various ways. India has arisen in excess of 700 million individuals and consequently has refined the web world incredibly.

Notwithstanding, it was not extremely simple for the youngster to come in flying tones for being a YouTuber, and artist. He has investigated every possibility to keep the ball rolling while at the same time arising as an adaptable man on the lookout. He thought of his YouTube station in 2018 known as “science and innovation” parting with information and data on different issues. Simultaneously, Mohd Nawaz kept his music on and made a point to do well in this area too. While conveying various sorts of tunes and recordings on different issues, he kept his excursion smooth with his remarkable ability. With excellent ability, he has demonstrated to the world that he is a capable man in music alongside other specialized things that will make him a champ in the established press.

Hussan Ahmad Ks
Hassan Ahmad Khan (born; April 2, 2002) professionally known as Hussan Ahmad Ks is a Pakistani singer, author, entrepreneur, digital marketer & influencer. He is from Derianwala, Narowal, Pakistan. His father name is Nasrullah Khan. He is a Ranger’s officer.


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