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Parvez Kagzi an influencing personality in Legal Profession

Parvez Kagzi also known as a lifelong student from a small town Nandurbar ( Maharashtra ).

   It really embracing and gracious to see that a 24 year young lawyer is making his big name for himself in the field of legal profession. He pursued B.A.LLB degree from Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University of Jalgaon. He also took Diploma in Cyber Law and presently he is practicing as a Lawyer at Bombay High Court Bench at Aurangabad. He used to practice in field of Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial, Constitutional, Labour, Industrial, Service, Commercial, Accidental claim and Human Rights Laws.

Journey of young lawyer

       Parvez Kagzi started doing practicing at his young age of 23 years during his college period he used to be first in a college in every academic year and he had attend near about 18 National and state level Moot court competition. At his age of 19 year. He was awarded in a Moot court competition which was arranged by “North Maharashtra University Jalgaon” organised by “Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial College of Law Devpur Dhule” as a base Advocate speaker award in the year 2016.

       According to Parvez “success is nothing to me if it is hard to get it” according to him “in the field of legal profession, the lawyer not only to know the law but he should understand what is real interpretation of law.” Parvez is a lifelong learner and this quality of interpreting a law in a good sense gives him a extra aid over his competitors. . He used to do hard work and dedication to work by which he used to give best result to his client.

Working style and his strategies

      When asked about his strategies he use tol follow, he replied that he use to just only uses his common sense while tackling any legal matter and pays a due care and attention while interpreting any law or provision.

Success journey from a law student to a lawyer of High Court

      When we asked him What is behind your success journey ,he replied that he use to firstly give thanks to his Father and Mother to make him approach at this destination and secondly he would like to thanks his mentors like Adv. Salim Vora, Adv. Amir Kothawala, Adv. S.S.Kazi and Prof. Dr N.D.Chaudhari to give the light and pathway to approach at this position

   Parvez H Kagzi

Mob .9168458386

Parvez Kagzi an influencing personality in Legal Profession


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