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Choose the best data visualization tools 2022

The top-quality data visualization tools make it simple and easier to provide business insights from the company’s data and interact with them. Rather than being faced with a huge wall of data, which is difficult to understand, charts can provide the key information to the stakeholders, and it will be easier for them to understand as well.

The work of showcasing the company’s data is complicated. It includes a long work process from presentations to workflows; each of these benefits from better charts and diagrams to provide the numerical data information in a much visually way.

It is a proven fact that the visual is easy to understand and makes the presentation very simple. So, if you, too, are looking for a data visualization tool, the most used one in 2022 and then you are in the right place. In this post, we will present the list of the best data visualization tool in 2022.

  • Tableau

Tableau is a great market breakthrough. It has come as a strong market leader when it comes to showing how visualization can help general product management. It is a flexible and powerful solution that provides for business intelligence, and it is with a large data set that Tableau comes into its own.

Tableau offers a range of various tools for data visualization, starting with Tableau creator that allows for both a desktop and online version for the individuals. It allows the processing of the data for providing a visualized analysis.

Although Tableau is a powerful analytics tool for producing useful charts and graphs, it makes it easier to communicate the insights and answer the question with the different levels of stakeholders.


  • A powerful range of tools
  • On-premises and cloud
  • Comprehensive visualization


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Quire

The best part of Quire is that it allows you to manage and visualize projects but does not require any advanced functionality. The main function of Quire is that it allows you to map out tasks through a simple to-do- list format that can be easily rearranged and assigned to the team members. Once the tasks have been defined in the app, it will be easy to organize and assign the task using the Kanban board build in the system. The software makes it easy to flip between the task lists.

Not just that, what makes Quire is likable is the fact that it offers a number of visual representations of your task list to choose from, like pie charts, Project summaries, and graphs. The Quire tool delivers a streamlined interface that works very well in exploring workflow and improving the project management that strikes a good balance between simplicity and power.


  • Simple and familiar user interface.
  • Easy to do list format
  • Quick visual progress representations


  • No Gantt charts
  • Wrike

If you mostly work on Gantt charts and dashboards, then the Wrike tool is best for you. Wrike makes it very easy to create tasks and workflows and manage these tasks. One of the most amazing features about Wrike is that it allows you to create custom workflows for your project visually. Data visualization is one of the strongest points of Wrike tools.

Data visualization lets you set up custom dashboard items that visually show the progress of key project metrics. You can also see the status of each of your projects with just a single click. Not just that, Wrike is also highly scalable with much integration to other platforms.


  • Gantt charts
  • Dashboard format
  • Visual workflow creation


  • No kanban creation.
  • Target process

Target process, as the name suggests, is all one tool. Yes, you heard that right! It includes everything you will require for the proper management of your project, like a host of data representation options.

This tool gives your project a full set of features. Complex task lists can be configured and rearranged, and it comes with a multitude of data representation views that can be added to the dashboard for a quick process assessment.

The target process is more like agile software development projects, and it can be a bit overwhelming with its huge set of features. Still, it provides better options to represent data, and it has everything in it that the software project manager could want.


  • Comprehensive feature set.
  • A lot of data visualization tools


  • Complicated options and features
  • Casual

There are so many different ways to represent data; if you like the flowchart style, then the Casual tool is the one for you. Forget Kanban boards or Gantt charts; casual with its amazing flowchart interface will blow you away. The Pareto chart simple tool flowchart features allow you to organize the projects by drawing lines between tasks and assigning team members to each step of the flowchart. Most importantly, the project managers that use casual track progress through the single-pane flowchart.

If you want to work in the flowchart style, then the Casual tool is the best option. However, you want various charts and other ways to organize a large team in your office; then the simple tool is not for you.


  • Flowchart based project management
  • Visually simple task flow


  • Can’t handle large teams


So, these are some of the top data visualization tools of 2022 that you must give a try. It isn’t easy to handle large projects, by a single-person data visualization tool makes it easy for you. You can also make a visual representation of the boring numerical data more interesting and easy to understand. So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting your time to figure out numerical data and make a visual representation of it just with a single click. Try these mentioned above latest visual representation tools. Trust me Guys, you would love it!

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