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Overcoming the fears of thesis writing: A guideline for graduate students

Are you afraid of writing a thesis? Do thoughts of working day and night on your thesis disturb you all day? If yes, then you do not need to worry at all. You are not the only one who faces this kind of situation during the writing process for your thesis. Every student faces such fears, and good students are those who know how to tackle such fears.

Most students know nothing about overcoming such fears. It is why today’s guide is for graduate students who are afraid of their thesis writing tasks. There will mention the tips you can follow to reduce this fear and work effectively on your thesis. Hence, let’s start today’s discussion.

Tips to overcome the fear of writing a thesis

A thesis is a lengthy and complex kind of academic writing. You cannot complete it in just one go as you complete your assignments or essays. A thesis, due to its length, scares the students most. Although most the students hire PhD thesis writing services to write it it is not difficult to write on your own. A brief description of the tips that you can follow to overcome the fear of writing a thesis is as follows:

Believe in yourself

No one is going to believe in you and your abilities if you do not. This thing may sound irrelevant to you, but it is the truth. If you believe in yourself, you can even move the mountains. Therefore, keep reminding yourself, “I can do it.” by saying this, you can strengthen your belief, which in turn allows you to work effectively on your thesis.

Find the root cause

There can be many causes behind your fear of writing your thesis. It could be because you have not worked on this lengthy project before. You may not have the right tools to work on your thesis. So, there could be multiple reasons for your fear. You should try to figure out the root cause and eliminate that problem.

Make a detailed plan

Planning and time management are everything in thesis writing. Having a detailed plan does not allow you to get off track. It keeps you working in the right direction and reduces the fear of writing a thesis. When you work without a plan, you do not know what to research and what to retrieve from the research for your thesis. Hence, this thing adds to your fears. Make a plan and allot time for each section of your thesis.

Try to take some breaks

There could be some days when you are unable to write 500 words more on your thesis. Such days add to the thesis writing fears. The negative thoughts like “Would I make it till the deadline” plague you. In such scenarios, do not panic; just take a little pause and relax. Start working on your thesis writing after the break with a fresh mind and you will feel much better.


Overcoming the fear of thesis writing is an uphill task. Know that you cannot complete a thesis with fears in your head. Therefore, try to get rid of them by making a work plan and managing your time effectively. Whenever you get hit with such fears, take a break and get those thoughts out of your mind.


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