Ravi Thakur shares 5 secret to make a strong personal brand on social media

Branding is such a crucial component of success. from Nike’s “swoosh” to Apple’s icon Think about some of the largest companies in the world ,everyone is familiar with the brands they created.

Today, building your personal brand is just as important as building your company’s brand — in fact, it might even be more important. Consumers want to hear the story behind the founders — the failures, struggles and the success. This means putting yourself out there and marketing yourself in addition to your business.

Personal Branding In 2020

Today in this digital era the most controversial subject in marketing is about building a strong personal brand. Social media is a boon to society that provides an opportunity to one and all who desires to become personal brands, possibly by reaching a wider audience globally. It is the best way for managers of lesser-known enterprises to come under the limelight in minimal expenditure.

Presently who is not known in social media. However, we find hand-counted executives on social media who publish impressive contents about themselves to become personal brands.

Ravi Thakur : Managing Director of kaamchalu

Today We will talk about Ravi Thakur, an Entrepreneur from Bihar, India. He was born in a district of Bihar, and currently studying for Batchelor Degrees.

According to well-known Indian Entrepreneur and Educationist Ravi Thakur, the only prominent visibility on social media is by building a personal brand. Those who are not focusing on the matter may remain unnoticeable by losing an opportunity to portray themselves impressively by highlighting their expertise to their target audience.

The tech-savvy Ravi Thakur has expertise in personal branding and he is well efficient in corporate branding too. He has been utilizing his potentials very smartly for a long time and the result is known to all of us. “The foundation of my organization is based on digital marketing and the blues that I am touching today is the reward that I have achieved through social media,” says Ravi.

The mastermind brand maker has come up with some prominent benefits of personal branding on social media that may change the lives of many young aspirants:-

Social media only demands an impressive executive’s content that describes their expertise, skills and achievements to get in the mind of the targeted audience. The most effective way to enhance the image of a brand or organization is none other than personal branding. A good reputation with potential customers can only be achieved through transparent communication on social media by revealing values and emotions. The active and impressive communication on social media boosts executive’s personal brand in the and a much more closure with their targeted audience in lesser time.

Smart tips by Ravi Thakur for creating personal brands

Before moving forward to make a personal brand one should determine their goal that they desire to reach through personal branding.

Ravi Thakur assures that personal branding undoubtedly brings a great turning point in an executive’s career but it requires creativity, patience, dedication and consistency. It’s an ongoing process and might not come in the blink of an eye but it definitely helps the executives to come up with flying colours.

Be visible and accessible.

You can’t hide in your office behind your computer and expect to build a personal brand. You need to get out and make yourself visible and accessible. Attend industry conferences, even if it’s just to network and socialize. Make your social media profiles open to the public and allow incoming messages. Hold live video Q&A sessions on social media and interact with your followers. The more visible and accessible you make yourself, the stronger your personal brand.

Show the real you on social media.

Don’t use social media as a 100 per cent marketing channel. It’s fine to throw an offer out there or promote your company occasionally but focus on showing the real you. If you come across as a robot or unauthentic you will push people away. Consumers love to see the other side — what you do on the weekends, where you eat, what your hobbies and interests are, etc. This makes you appear more human, which attracts more people to you.

Understand your industry inside and out.

Your business is only as good as the people running it, yourself included. It’s important that you understand your industry inside and out — common sense. But, this also means staying up to date on the latest trends, breaking news and your competition. When you do this, it helps to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, elevating your personal brand to a higher level.

Practice 2-way networking.

A lot of people network the wrong way. They focus on their own needs and personal benefit, completely ignoring those needs and wants of the other person. Focus on 2-way beneficial networking, making sure to give the other person an opportunity to benefit from the relationship as well. This approach will help you secure more connections and opportunities, which will all contribute to strengthening your personal brand.

Maintain a detailed database of contacts.

As your personal brand grows, so will your list of contacts. It’s important that you keep a detailed list of all your contacts. Who the person is, where you connected, potential opportunities and how you can help them are all things to keep track of. While it can be a great resource to search when you need something, it can also be referenced when you have an opportunity. Your relationships will become much stronger and beneficial when you approach to contact with an opportunity that helps them without asking for anything in return.



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