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Team Endless: A Team Of Youth That Are Spreading General Awareness For Science And Technology

Team Endless: Naman, 20 years old Second-year student, Aman 18 years old 12th (Science) student and Jay 18 years old 12th (Commerce) student, are three young boys from Rajasthan, India has most helpful platform called “Endless Knowledge” on social media. They mainly focus on science & technology related topics through their content. As well as they are earning a good amount from social media and as an Instagram influencer. Let’s know about their platform more.

The Beginning – 

So there are many people who love science stream and want to know more about what we human can achieve in the Era of Science & Technology, Naman is one of them. He love to know about astronomy (including cosmology). As well as he has interest in social media platform also. So he decided to open a platform where he can share content for people’s sake of interest in science. He started @endless_knowledge on 26 March 2018 on Instagram with his two younger brothers and now they are holding a fame of 425k+ followers.

Name Analysis & Idol – 

“Endless Knowledge” sounds efficacious, right? So there are two reasons why they choose this name as their social media handle; first, once a teacher of Naman told him that “The knowledge is a endless procedure in which a human always learns slightly in his whole life and before his death, the person gives his knowledge to someone else. And then this process always goes on”. The second reason was that… They effectively inspired by Sir Nikola Tesla, the greatest inventor and futurist of all time. Tesla said: Electrical energy is present everywhere in unlimited quantities and become a resource for all the cars in the world without the need of coal, oil or gas…. This is the true concept of free and infinite energy.
Perhaps the greatest ambition of Tesla was his dream to wirelessly transmit energy across long distances, using only air as a medium.
 Team Endless want to give us that free and infinite knowledge through their Instagram Account @Endless_Knowledge about Science & Technology as Sir Nikola Tesla wanted to give infinite energy to the world.

Journey –

Considering Nikola Tesla as their Idol & Inspiration Team Endless proceeded their work on Instagram. Their journey was not easy, they faced many problems in the beginning to grow their Instagram account. Aman started making content in a unique way that don’t bore people to study science or something. Aman displayed the content in some exciting ways that aroused interest in people towards science. They covered almost every topics related to Astronomy & Planetary Science in their posts and stories. When they made it 50K on their Instagram, they were ready to march towards success without stopping. Now they owns 425K fame on their Insta-account
They got some great & strong support from their family and friends. And now 8+ celebrities are following their account on Instagram including TV serial actor Karan V Grover.

Digital Marketing Journey –

Jay handles the Digital Marketing arrangements of their account with his influencing skills over social media. He also has interest in Technology field. He is a proud Instagram Influencer by the age of 16. Today he is the man behind financial success of  @endless_knowledge . He also get proposal to promote some of Brands and Jay is helping many brands to grow over social media.
At present, Team Endless is earning a good amount from social media as Instagram influencers that they bears personal expenses and family as well. They are Inspiration for today’s youth. Isn’t they are perfect Trio?



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