Kartik Sharma The Motivational Guru Of Social Media

Kartik Sharma, a Motivational personality in social media known by his pages on instagram @malesfacts & trollersociety. He is 19 years old boy living in capital of India, New Delhi, Dwarka. People Call Him Artist Because Of His Multitalented Personality He Is musician, Pianist, Harmonist, Classical Singer & Memer.

He is pursuing Graduation from Delhi University, apart from social media management. He has Deep Interest In Spirituality And Music. He Is Taking Indian Classical lessons From Last 2 Years. as he aims to become a well known and successful Musician in the near future.

Kartik has also helped some international Motivational Accounts and brands to grow their business on social media through Instagram marketing. He will also introduce His YouTube Channel Soon and currently He Is working on it.
Kartik is very hardworking from the beginning, as he was born in a Middle Class family. *His aim is to become an idol of teenagers/Youngsters , who wants to become a millionaire entrepreneurs at a very young age of their life.*
When Asked to Kartik Why Did He Started His Motivational Account , He Said “Since Beginning My Friends & Siblings Always told me That they feel very motivated when I start talking with them” this is how he started his motivational Account known as @malesfacts & now he is handling almost 150k+ audience & still growing
Kartik also Advises For the People Who don’t do anything because of what people will say he said “Let Them Hate Just Make Sure They Spell Your Name Right”
Feel Free To Follow Kartik Sharma on Instagram – @Kaaartiksharma
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