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Abdullah Iqbal – An Emerging Social Media Consultant

Abdullah Iqbal, aka Abdu, is a 21-year-old final year student of B.Sc. Hons Computer Science at the University of Delhi. With his experience as a social media consultant, Abdullah has successfully managed various promotional campaigns for many brands and celebrities from India and across the world.

Hailing from New Delhi, he is well known for creating meaningful and authentic strategies for the clients he works with. He is a fun-loving guy who is very fond of travelling and aspires to live life to the fullest. Apart from being a remarkable social media expert, he is an outstanding student and an amazing cricketer.

Abdullah started his first Instagram page in Class 10th which became viral in a couple of days. There is no looking back since then. He created and handled multiple pages on Facebook and Instagram and thereby has a fan base of more than a million at present. He is constantly heading to create an impact on the people with his social strategies.

Currently, he has been running social media campaigns for the Amazon Prime Video and several other brands! He is also the founder of @ashleel_chapter on Instagram that is being liked by the youngsters due to its relatable and humorous content.

Also, he is working on project to build a platform where the admins and brands can easily interact with each other regarding promotions and campaigns. In his team, he has his friends – Anjali and Mahima – to manage the social media content effectively.

Abdu believes – “Just dream big, work hard and believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!”

He is putting all his heart and mind to come up with new and creative ideas to grow more as an individual as well as a social media consultant. Well, it’s just the beginning! Many more achievements and milestones are yet to be accomplished!


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