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Is there any App which will Replace Instagram, Will instagram influencers survive in Future because IG is Hiding Likes, will Snapchat/Tiktok will Replace Instagram, when Instagram business will die?

Currently there are no similar apps to Instagram that are getting any sort of meaningful traction. If you mean the next social media app that’s going to explode and get extremely popular, then my answer is right now possibly TikTok. But we will definitely need to wait and see what’s going to happen with it, because right now most of it’s users are just kids.
Instagram is still really HOT, and a goldmine if you want to make money out of it. But I’m not sure how long it’s going to stay that way, I think they will follow the same route as Facebook, decreasing organic reach and exposure until it’s not worth to try and build up pages for the sake of free and organic reach. But right now it’s still huge and your opportunity to make income out of it is also huge.
I’m also currently testing TikTok a bit, and I’m probably going to start a TikTok series pretty soon, where I’m going to show how to grow, get engagement, and make money of TikTok.




Social media platform Instagram has started hiding like counts globally, including for users in India. Since likes have been an important metric for influencers’ businesses, especially in India, marketers say influencers are likely to make a shift to other platforms like TikTok that is picking up interest here. However, there are some views that go against the grain.

Ashutosh Harbola, CEO and Co-Founder, Buzzoka, an influencer marketing platform, says the removal of Instagram likes is a positive move and is optimistic about the after effects.

“Brands in the current schema of the marketing mix are more focussed on likes and followers and content somehow takes a back seat. With the removal of likes, content will get the maximum boost,” he points out.

Noting that social media prevails and survives on good content, he adds the company has seen “a pattern of performance basis these likes. Agreed, likes were a metric to measure the virality of content, but it also brought in a lot of fake practices like increasing likes by bots. The step will at least stop all unethical practices and a creator will be more focussed on creating good content.”

Some celebrities have argued the move may reduce engagement and make it harder to attract brands, while others maintain it is an ideal opportunity to move away from such vanity metrics, particularly as audience measurement becomes more sophisticated.

Depressurise Instagram

The first social platform to remove the like’ feature, Instagram users will be able to see their own likes, but the same will not be visible to their followers and others on the platform.

It is the latest step in Instagram’s quest to become the safest place on the internet. As Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri pointed out, “The idea is to try to depressurise Instagram, make it less of a competition, and give people more space to focus on connecting with the people they love and things that inspire them.”

Harbola agrees. On the consumer side, he says the effect is even more crucial with today’s youth judging itself on the basis of the likes. “Social media is a space that allows users to take out time from their busy schedule and be connected to the world, but somehow it was turning out to be a jumbo war of likes. We have seen so many cases of depression that have been reported. Now, at least the network will not be judging them,” he says.

The move is also expected to force influencers to embrace more sophisticated marketing metrics, while marketers will need to push harder to evaluate influencers based on clicks, view-through rates and swipe-up engagements related to content.


Will Tiktok Replace Instagram?

Will Any app will beat Instagra?, Will instagram be replaced by any other apps?
I’m also an Instagram Influencer. So, As per my Views, No app can Beat Instagram. People are saying tiktok will beat Instagram but it’s totally wrong! Dude, tiktok it just Video Sharing Platform! However tiktok cannot beat Instagram. It is totally different Platform, it allow you to share your pic’s, share stories, express your feelings, talk with your someone. The most important thing is Instagram allow you to Post picture! Which is not available in Tiktok.


Will Snapchat Replace Instagram?

Rofl, I’m not able to understand why people are asking this types of question? Snapchat & Instagram both are Different types of Platform! Dude, Snapchat is just a Stories (Snap) Sharing & Talking Platform not more than that! Most of people are using Snapchat just for their Filters! Will snap allow you to post pictures?
Ya, i agree with the sentence people are earning from Snapchat too. But Instagram will way more Famous then it, People are earning in Millions! People are getting famous with it.
No one can beat the Strategies of Mark Zuckerberg (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp – Owner). Mark Zuckerberg own Most famous top three Social Media platform.
I think no app can beat Instagram!
I agree that Snapchat is better, Tiktok is better but Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram they all are King of their own Feild & if you talk about Famous Platform there’s only a Name come “INSTAGRAM”


When will Instagram Die?

Instagram ending anytime soon is a largely impossible. It’s happened before with big social networks for their platform to completely disappear. such as Friendster, the platform that preceded and was eventually pushed out of the game by Myspace.
Then Myspace became the social media juggernaut on the internet in the 2000’s, soon after Facebook came along and took some of their steam. Today, Myspace is still used, but just isn’t as popular.
Instagram seems to be growing a huge rate and I don’t see it slowing down. So all in all, only time will tell.



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