AFREEN FATIMA – An inspiration for the youth

The Most Popular Celebrity from Hyderabad “Afreen Fatima” – A multi talented brilliant personality of intelligence, who is an inspiration for the youth today, she is a young girl who have completed her Master of Engineering and Technology with “First Class with Distinction” in Computer Science and Engineering.

She have written 2 parts of “Imagination  power series” as first part “Imagination power” and second part “Supernatural Diamond” and published it on many online stores like flipkart, amazon and ebay, etc. She is working further on the last part of the book and more interesting different stories.

They are official trailers  of the books released on YouTube.

She is the most famous Author who has a big fan following around the world and she have received nearly 80 certificates of Courses, Quiz and many other activities and also collected many technical badges of oracle and IBM in a very small span of time.

She is also a good Makeup and Mehndi Artist.

To inspire the youth and to share her achievements and experiences, she also gave an interview on YouTube  which has touched everyone beyond words.” She is grateful for the work that she has done.

Respecting her achievements and most inspirational work for the youth today and setting her an example of motivation for students in today’s life, she have been honored with an awards

1. “The rising star award 2021” organized by ritzy runways in the category of “Best Engineer and Author “.
2. “Ace Awards 2021” organized by The rising star awards in the category of “Best Engineer and Author of the year “.
3. Nominated for the “JPT Elite Awards ” for the category of “best engineer and author “.

“Your success is rooted in your strong will and passion and this is what makes you different from people with better knowledge and skills. Congratulations on one of your remarkable achievements! “ The Rising Stars is proud to have AFREEN FATIMA as an ACE AWARD winner. We wish you good luck in your future endeavors, we are certain you’ll achieve everything you work towards. Best wishes and good luck! May you continue to be strong and successful. Keep writing! Keep Growing! All the best!


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