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‘Indian classical music never needed publicity,’ says singer Sadakat Aman Khan

In an exclusive interview to Journal, he talks about her latest tie-up with a record label, Gramin Records, to launch a album single, known as Devil’s Cry. The track is arranged by popular musician and DJ artist Shib Sankar Roy.

This album single Devil’s Cry, is a classical metal fusion track. Gramin Records is the best platform to portray independent music in the country, right now. They give you a lot of liberty in terms of creativity, which is vital for any person in this industry. This is the best thing that has happened to the music industry in a long time.

Q. As an artiste do you rely on film music solely for work? Why?

No artiste should limit himself/herself to film music or any particular school of music, for that matter. You can achieve from anywhere you want to. That is why I don’t rely on film music alone because that will only limit my creativity. Music in any form is staple for me.

Q. The independent music scene in India is still quite immature. Your take?

I don’t quite agree to this because the scenario is changing. Our album Bole Naina, Silences Speak has made a major impact. It is a completely independent album in the Indian classical music scene. So, keeping this progress in mind, I feel that day is not far when the Indian audience will appreciate independent music as much as they appreciate film music. I’m sure that we will get there soon.

Q. Do you think Indian classical music is at its height of popularity now?

Indian classical music never needed any kind of publicity to promote it. It was always very popular and also ahead of its times. It was always talked about, globally. Our maestros such as Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Pandit Ravi Shankar and others have made Indian classic music popular in the West. As a musician, I feel lucky that I have an opportunity to carry forward this legacy.

Q. How did you get this project? How was the experience of working with DJ Shib Sankar Roy?

Renowned Music Producer and Dj Shib actually got me on board, so that I could be part of this project. Working with him is a different thing altogether. I have learnt a lot from him while working together.

Q. Has Bollywood failed Indian classical music?

What Bollywood churns out on a daily basis is a mix of various genres of music. So, it has not failed classical music. Rather, it has experimented with several genres. The music scene is definitely more difficult now than it was in the yesteryears. However, I hope that things will be better soon.

Q. What advice would you give to upcoming independent musicians?

As an independent musician, I would request all upcoming talents to never take rejections seriously. Everyone must take strength from positive experiences and keep working hard as that’s the key to success.


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