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Abhishek Gupta, a 21 year old guy from Bhiwandi has redefined the way, how Social Media is used

Abhishek Vinod Gupta, a 21-year-old guy from Bhiwandi (Maharashtra) is a pass out engineering student from Terna Engineering College, Nerul and has achieved numerous achievements with his digital marketing strategies. He has redefined the way how social media should be used.

 Everything for him was not going appropriately as he was a student, and one day he was sitting with his companions and one of the companions who is a social lobbyist gave him an idea to start a page. As he began his page on Facebook and furthermore having 70k page likes. However, because of less arrive at the page he quits utilizing that page. He got failed in this. In that event, the confirmation of achieving something significant continually kept him pumped up to take risks and to explore the open doors coming to his direction. Essentially resulting in the disappointment in a couple of attempts, he never surrendered and stayed in transit of making his vision a reality.
At the point in the second quarter of 2016, he started his page named “one_vision999” on Instagram. At first, he used to put each sort of substance on his page. Then he got thought of putting an option that is other than memes and inspiration which is enclosed everywhere throughout the Internet-based life. Then he got into the fact and knowledge niche as he believes that, ‘Knowledge is power’. He was a sort of thoughtful when he began the page.
At first, he was not getting that much grip, however, with time his difficult work paid off. At present, he owns 3 Instagram pages viz @one_vision999 @shutpix @amazing_facts999. He also established his digital website and with these 3 years of experience has launched his social media agency. He is one of few people on social media to have worked with big brands and Influencers, and help them to grow their social media accounts.  During this event, his best friend Avinash Gautam, who eventually is the admin of @shutpix has helped him with proper decision-making and strategies needed to grow the account.
Presently, he says” If you don’t have a VISION, create ONE”
 “In this digital era, there are numerous organizations that are run using the traditional method. I wish to bring such organizations on the web. It will support every single one in the industry. What’s more, the entrepreneurs will discover trust and hope in this aggressive world”
 Furthermore, presently he has propelled his own E-book “Ultimate guide on how to earn money from Instagram”. Over 250+ copies has been sold till now.
 Without uncertainty, he is an inspiration for a few, who accept that preparation is the most ideal approach to make the dreams work out as expected. Presently he is the only individual in Bhiwandi to have such colossal following on A Social Media, which is over 1.5 million + followers.


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