Meet Apoorv Dhama fitness enthusiast from Muzzafarnagar

Apoorv Dhama , a worldwide fitness trainer who rise from scratch , is a name to conjure with in the Fitness industry , We often here people saying how important it is to follow your passion, but follwing the passion is not a really enough. You actually need to execute and do everything in your power to live that passion.

Here is Mr.Apoorv Dhama, a man of his words living his passion and success, which he achieved with his professional attitude and an inredible amount of hardship. ” following your passion and living your passion are two completely different things. One is just moving in the right direction while the other is immersing yourself into something that ignited you ” he says
Born on 9 July 1997, in the northern Indian not only district of Muzzafarnagar, Apoorv made his name in the industry , but also helped a lot of people who desire the same dream but dont have enough resource.


Apoorv earned his graduate degree in and a certified in fitness training from one of the world,s renowned institution-American council of exercise after completing his education, he engaged in business and started a venture and ran it for two years successfully. But somewhere deep down in his heart he know what he had to do. ‘I was running a successful but I wasn’t satisfied with it I know that I am not made for it, I started following my passion and had a will to go on. Today, I am not only living my dream but also helping people what they desire for, he says.


He hold various skills and certified from some of the world’s not able institution such as: Dietary supplement Advice from FAB (Academy of California, United State); .setanta condition from setanta Academy (Netherland). He also earned various workshop experience on different fitness – related topics such as: Shoulder Rehabilitation and Injuries Prevention from multifit rehab 121 Academy; Fitness factory affecting Respiratory system from GSB Academy; study on Anabolic steroids and Human Growth Mormons from GSB Academy.
According to Apoorv, ‘People following their dreams can sometime feel lonely. Following your passion can feel like you against the world. At time you may be on top, and then in a second you are struggling to put a roof over your head. But if you have a sheer will and dedication no one can differ you from achieving what you desire’.
With his honesty, passion and skillfull personality, he is on a mission to make people understand the value of their health and fitness , which is the need of the hour in this crucial pandamic time.
We wish him luck and hope that he will continue to help people and make this world health,er and gracefull them ever before .
If you have any health – related queries or want be a part of his journey.


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