Komal Dixit a Girl From Haryana Empowering Over 6 Lakh Females Through Social Media

A 19 years old girl, belonging to Haryana (INDIA), never wanted to accept the fact of that time: The fact that girls can’t do what else can do. Whatever be the reason, fewer opportunities, less confidence etc.
Though She was very little (here I am talking about her small height), she was a very loved kid in her family, but was always questioned, ”What are you gonna do in future dear? Try to do something with yourself.” That made Komal Dixit think over,
Why are people always so excited to judge others on the basis of how they are looking? She thought, “Why not be a confident girl who knows what she wants, and what are the goals of her life? And focus on the long-lasting efforts that will make her achieve those goals!


The Beginning

And that’s how the story of @classywomenn began.
In 2017, Komal Dixit decided to create this platform @classywomenn, where she tried to motivate girls especially teenagers in the very first so that they focus on actual meaning and purpose of their lives and do not waste this very precious time in listening to the people who always want them to stay back. She started to collect information about the most inspiring ladies and share those with the followers.

Journey of Komal Dixit

Komal Dixit is now 22 years old and she is a final year student of M.Sc Chemistry. She is trying her best to spread positivity and awareness.
After that KD thought, “Why not to discuss the problems that girls are actually facing in their daily lives. So she started the discussions through DMs, stories and posts. More than 50k young girls then became a family with @classywomenn & told Komal that they are now actually focusing on their studies and following their passion.
Getting very positive results from @classywomenn, by helping these young girls made KD more and more enthusiastic and more motivated towards her work. Girls were scared to speak their family about their goals, and motives of life, but Classywomenn tried their best to convey plans and necessity to be strong in every single situation.

Classywomenn – A Family Of 600k

She followed the fact that,
From 50k to 100k, then 200k and now a family of complete 500k followers, not only young girls (the students) but women from other fields also started to stay in touch with Classywomenn. They then started to connect the audience with the most successful and inspiring ladies via live interview session online like OLLY ESSE (Italian DJ and sponsored athlete), Ms Malika Kapoor (an Engineer and Miss India J&K 2K18) and many others. They also publish articles about Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality on their official website classywomen.in
One of the quotations of Classywomenn is,
“BEING YOURSELF simply means to overcome the fear of being judged, judged by people, judged by society. The world is unlimited for those who desire and what matters is your willingness to achieve it.”
According to Komal, if you are trying to do something really good, good for others, you will definitely rise and rise every day. She believes in social media for social good.
It’s not about feminism, but about the thing that,
If you are facing some lack of opportunities, then Hey girl, “Don’t worry! You can still achieve your goals. Just be strong, and know yourself first. Know your qualities and work on them, instead of chasing out the random things that are not gonna help in reaching your goal.

Digital Marketing journey of Komal Dixit

Komal Dixit was very passionate about her Career.She choosed Digital Marketing as her career.She also get Proposal to Promote Some of Brands. She is helping many brands to grow over social media and Now in present, Classywomenn motivating 600k girls, encouraging them to follow their passion and motivating others too. Isn’t she a True Entrepreneur?

Follow @classywomenn on Instagram for some motivational content. You can also share your problem with them @classywomenn.messages. They will surely help you. Also, don’t forget to visit classywomen.in


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