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World’s Youngest Serial Entrepreneur & Artist Shanti Lal Bhana

Shanti Lal Prajapat Professionally Known as Shanti Lal Bhana and he began his entrepreneurship journey from his home town of indarwara, pali in Rajasthan, India. Initially, he worked as a freelancer. He was 20 then. His dream was different than most of the youngsters of his age. And Shanti Lal Bhana also known as Musical Artist. Her Music get on Every Major platforms, Like Spotify, Amazon music, Youtube Music,wynk, Apple music, jio Saavan, gaana etc. And Her Music profile has Verified ,And official YouTube Artist Channel.

You may not believe it, but there are countless possibilities and opportunities in the world. Those who have a will to do something never lets go of them. Human life and career are limited. That makes it all the more important for us to find our eternal calling and making a mark on the world. There is never a perfect time to begin than right now. Individuals who know this are rare and also they are the ones who actually achieve something in their life. Entrepreneurs is a breed of such individuals who are eager to defy the traditional ways of life and do something out of the box.

In the past few decades, India has emerged as source of power and development for the world. Changes are happening in the Indian business scenario on a fast pace. Within no time digitalization has reshaped many leading businesses. But who drove this move? Indeed it was with the governments aid, but it was actually helmed by the young entrepreneurs in India. One such entrepreneur at the business remake forefront is Mr. Shanti Lal Bhana, the founder and CEO of Label By Bhana Private Limited.

During his freelancing work, he gained good amount of exposure to business tactics and based on them he started Label By Bhana Private Limited. He was into digital marketing where he brought success to number of clients in India. But he wanted to grow more. He didn’t want to be limited to one particular niche.

It is amazing to see that Shanti Lal Bhana at such a tender age got what he wanted and is doing it in his own way. His motto is crystal clear: Client satisfaction above all. He treats them as a deity. Perhaps, that is what has made him successful. Ideas and opportunities don’t just work out on their own. Success is a two way road. It needs efforts from your side too. There is no cheat code to entrepreneurial success. The solution is simple, don’t wait for the right time to arrive. The moment you begin working towards your goal is the time when you actually embark on a journey of success.

Going past hindrances, being courageous on a fundamental level and having a thought that could change the world, this is what India’s young age is tied in with, characterizing the country and demonstrating to the world what we are able to do. Shanti Lal Bhana expects the same from the budding entrepreneurs. His pro tip to them is to think beyond the ordinary and work on it consistently.

He began his entrepreneurship journey from his home town of indarwara in Rajasthan, India. Initially, he worked as a freelancer. He was 20 then. His dream was different than most of the youngsters of his age. His goal was to start his own company and he worked tirelessly for achieving it.


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