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Arya Tyagi – the young Author and Ethical hacker

Arya Tyagi, from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is just 17.

A renowned ethical hacker, a smart cybersecurity researcher, hardworking digital entrepreneur, proficient author, and reliable social media marketing consultant and celebrity Social Media Manager.


Born in Saharanpur, UP on 28/09/2003, Arya has made a name for himself due to his enthusiasm, passion, and get-it attitude. His skills as a hacker are extremely polished and with experience, he is rapidly growing as an individual. Being appointed regularly by the government groups for ethical hacking projects is a big achievement for anyone as young as him. “The spark was seen by me when I was in school and loved thriving on the competition in sports and academics,” he says.


Arya Tyagi has written a book titled Hack the hackers before they hack you. As the name suggests, this book is a plethora of information regarding hacking, types of cyberattacks, ways to avoid mobile attacks and how to stay safe in Internet world, etc. Phishing and Spoofing are so common in the modern world and people don’t have in-depth information about them. The aforementioned triggered me to write this book. It is a mini-encyclopedia of hacking, an insight into the hacker’s world. The aim is to spread awareness and help people stay safe online,” informs Tyagi.


Microsoft certification in hacking was completed when Arya was in class 11, and he was a national-level Athletics player as a high school student. Such is his dedication, craze, and passion. “I knew what I have to do at that very moment,” he says. Being a white hat and cybersecurity expert, he reckons he can greatly serve India.


Arya Tyagi is a well-known social media influencer and manager. He has promoted several brands that include pharmacy goliaths like Dabur and tech players like Rapido. He aims to be a full-time and adept ethical hacker, writer, and entrepreneur. He is trying hard to be a significant social media geek and attain distinguished scholastic standards (especially CMA that he is currently persevering.) With his book, he senses he is broadcasting a lot of knowledge among the citizens.


Connect with him on Instagram: @tyagi.arya


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