Ramneek Sidhu: The neverending success story

As days go by, more and more people are seen to be entering the field of digital marketing. Maintaining the consistency in such a field of probability and changes can only come with constant effort and determination. The era of advanced digital marketing has begun following the corona pandemic which gave way to the numerous possibilities for marketing and it’s future.

Ramneek Sidhu, an Indian entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant had come into the field with aspirations and goals to fullfill with a bucket list of achievements to gain. Hailing from the city of Mohali, Punjab with not much business background, Sidhu had to work extra hard to come neck to neck with his contemporaries who had much better resources and family support. Days and nights of hardwork and strategical planning helped him move forward even though with occassional fallbacks and financial setbacks.

The idea to start his first venture didn’t come out of a sudden urge to excel. Being the ardent follower of the greatest business personalities of all time, Sidhu wanted to create a difference with the work he intended to do, just like his idols. As a first step, he started his digital marketing company, Digital kings in 2016, when he was a highschool student. The company began as a freelance and then later started it’s first office in UAE, which dealt with the online and digital promotion of celebrities.

The success of his company helped him gain his confidence to move forward amidst the competition in the marketing field. Sidhu says, “Many a times, i had the feeling that this is not going the way i was expecting it to. I even had second thoughts about choosing this career option. But, i eventually believed in myself and moved forward.”

Sidhu believes that passion alone cannot satisfy someone’s goal for a long time. To remain and excel in a business, one must be able to learn and unlearn the various aspects that drives it forward. He was constantly replenishing his knowledge about the different perspectives to digital marketing and made use of the many tactics that he had come up with, to help him cover up his losses. He learnt from each one of his mistakes rather than keep repeating it. He was inspired from his own struggles and hardships.

Sidhu made up some really incredible strategical plannings with respect to the Covid pandemic that had affected the economy of the country. In fact, the lockdown had opened the way fora more productive handling of the digital marketing as online promotions became the norm. With more aspirations to keep him engaged and working, he plans to extend his office to Canada in 2021. Ramneek Sidhu is an inspiration to many budding digital marketers who intend to start from scratch.


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