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Huzaifa Maniyar is the rising star of Nandurbar

Tell us something about yourself. How you came to the place you are right now?

Myself Huzaifa Maniyar, basically from Nandurbar city of Maharashtra state which is popularly called as flim city

of India and the bollywood, I am a medical science student studying at J.E.S.s education society. In fact, coming into this field was next level accidental and unexpected.

I just participated in an online a ??competition .7 which was highest ranked in

goggle and I wanted the certificate to feel proud, but I didn’t even think something big is yet to come

beyond this.

What are your achievements so far?

Im a madical scrience student and also A digital creater and im creates content for digital properties, such as YouTube or Instagram.

Who would you like to thank for your success?

According to me success is self satisfaction. I have achieved this in every step and every moment

irrespective of the results, but still thanks would be such a small word, beyond it-

I want to thank my parents, teachers, friends, well wishes and each and everyone who was and are

in this journey. Special mentions to all the compilers and contest organizers.

What has kept you motivated till date?

My only motivation is my work and myself. There is nothing above it. Just like the rockets is

launched aftet when the fire is lit underneath, the same way until my work , of any category, is

there; completing and fulfilling it without any compromises and achieving irrespective of the size

Is what matters.

What are your future goals?

I don’t think about future, future is too long ; I don’t think about next moment itself.

All that pertains to me is that this moment and Iam happy to be here irrespective of positive ir


Can you give a piece of advice to the young budding writers?

To advice anyone; keep calm, don’t think or bother much, do all your work, never expect anything.

Just go on with your deeds, you will win one day, you will be appreciated for your work.

Sit back chill and relax.

Wish him all the best for future



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