Dr. Sitanshu Singh, An inspiring odyssey of a talented man from failure to success.

An entrepreneur means a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture. Entrepreneurship is important because it includes decision-making, creative thinking, and the ability to manage the business. But, an entrepreneur is someone who is born to become so because Entrepreneurship is not everybody’s cup of tea. So, have you heard about this dynamic personality who was born to lead, who is a risk-taker, a dreamer, and a believer? Well, he is none other than the youngest Memory Trainer of India and the founder of ThinkFiniti Education, Dr. Sitanshu Singh. A Doctor, Singer, Life Coach, Memory Trainer, Entrepreneur, and a person who is brilliant at planning, organizing, leading, and controlling his business. After trying his hands on many things, Sitanshu finally got his true calling at ThinkFiniti Education. He has counseled around 2.5 lakh clients at ThinkFiniti Education from all over India comprising students, parents, and teachers. This innovative, vision holder, creative man has been able to captivate many students towards his Counseling and Mentoring firm ThinkFiniti Education. It is the only company in India that provides all three services that are Vedic Maths, Career Counseling & Memory Training under one roof.

“Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally come.” Since school days, Dr. Sitanshu has indulged in extracurricular activities. When in college, he thought of exploring new things because he is not someone who sits ideally and wastes his powerful and precious asset, time. He started ventures like Posh Brandz and Hungry Homies just to taste the menu of his life. However, he didn’t reclaim any profit but learned a lot and got experience, that’s all that matters to him. But Sitanshu didn’t lose hope and kept ongoing. After a few years of trials and struggle, after getting admission in college and before the commencement of college, he grabbed a job at a counseling company. He was not meeting their requirements and was too young to have it yet procured because of his eloquent adroitness. It proved literally and rightly for him which means the opportunity came late but it was perfect. Dr. Sitanshu was in love with his work, enjoying his job, working hard to prove himself, learning to engage & counsel the students, sharpening his counseling skills, and adding value to students. After getting a lot of experience and confidence, he began working on his firm ThinkFiniti Education. Since then Sitanshu never looked back.

Now, ThinkFiniti Education is providing a unique approach to services like career counseling for a variety of professions, personal counseling, memory training, parent counseling, teacher training, etc. ThinkFiniti Education sees the potential in those who can’t see it in themselves and teaches them to use it to attain complete personal and professional growth. Their vision is to develop a thought in people that memory is a language, it should be developed as a habit in everyone.

The life of an entrepreneur is tough and oftentimes hit by a roadblock. It’s not easy to build your kingdom, it costs every bit of your heart, soul, blood, and sweat. Dr. Sitanshu says, “Initially, there were financial problems when I was about to start my own business but I think pandemic and lockdown was the most difficult time I have ever faced during my business career so far. Well, some difficulties are bound to happen but if you love what you do then you learn to play with troubles.”

When Sitanshu was asked about his singing talent he said, “During my study at MCODS, I started a venture, Quality Creations, to fulfill my passion for music because I like to sing, play guitar and listen to music. Secondly, the response I get from audiences whenever I do stage performances is overwhelming and makes me realize my worth. I have already launched a song on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, and all other music apps as well. I just love being on stage. It manifests a part of me.”

Dr Sitanshu Singh finds his true calling at Thinkfiniti Education - Digpu NewsFollow him on Instagram @sitanshu_singh_chauhan


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