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Congratulation to Poetry Khakholia Mundra


Poetry Khakholia Mundra, She is Poetry Khakholia Mundra, 43 years old, married since seventeen years, having two children, living in the midst of hills and dales, valley and mountains, the land of Goddess Kamakhya, Guwahati Assam.

Her mother name is Deepa Devi Khakholia,
Her father name is Debi Prasad Khakholia. She is fourth in her family, of five children and is much attached with all her brothers and sisters..

She has done Mcom, Med and LLB, honours in management was lecturer in the university for sometimes. But that never gave her the tranquil she was looking for, and life has so much for her in the basket, that she started expressing and weaving her thoughts and feelings into her own words..
She has done around more than 300 anthologies, and one compilation too .. named
“Undying Emotions”

Her solo books were launched, back to back this January, in Hindi and English namely,
1.हमारी जिंदगी हमारे एहसास under (Life World Community)
2.My Book of Untold Emotions under ( Writers Hub Publication)
3.”Cherishing Life
Cherishing Myself” (Rk Publication)
4. Lust completes Love (Life World Community Publication), at Amazon, Flipkart, Kobo, kindle etc..

Besides she has won more than 1000 certificates, trophy and medals respectively, in most writing community, and for anthologies respectively..
Also participated in many open mics, jugalbandi,
and has won considerably..

She is an active writer at your quote app, with the id : Befikr lafz, under pen name: Soulful love.. There she has written around more than 4500 quotes and poems…
And is now, all set to publish her books, and stories under different banners and publication houses…
Besides, her work is published monthly in the international magazine Namaste India..
Her poem titled “Romanticism, the soul of life” is featured on Mt Kenya Times, international newspaper
Also got featured in RK publication magazine,
on Special Valentine Day and Woman’s Day special.
Most prominently her name is listed in India’s Top 25 Deserving Writers.

She is both a bilingual and an erotica writer which is her USP too…. She loves to play, rhyme and chyme with words in her own chords.. Her mother is her inspiration..
Last but not the least she is a tea and music lover whose only abode is peace and empathy.
Her motto in life is to
Live and let live
Love and let love..
She dreams of being the proud recipient of the notary Booker Prize one day…for she lives and believes in dreams to make them come true.

Instagram Account of Poetry Khakholia Mundra


Ak Media Group

Life World Community Publication


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