Dr. Paret is a Researcher and Journalist an international Consultant that worked with 9 figures Luxury Companies as Ferrari and other ones, an Academic and a Professor and director in the Academy BIA, Balkan Academy Foundation (main seat Sofia). In Italy BIA is recognized people's University with the legal right to use the term "University" as a member of the CNUPI, National Confederation of the Italian People's Universities which is member of the EAEA, European Association for the Education of Adults and finally it is accredited as a Training Organization as per Ministerial Decree 177/2001. In more than twenty five years of experience in the field he developed new unique techniques, new powerful methodologies that have contributed to the practice and the wellbeing of thousands of his students. He conducts group training, but also Elite Coaching and VIP coaching where he creates a real “dream experience”.He is also a Journalist and has been a guest in several TV shows.

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