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Zubair Safi – FitnessFreak & Actor on Importance Of Properly Fueling A Busy Life

Zubair Safi is a fitness enthusiast who truly understands the importance of setting priorities and time management. Through working full time at a bank, actor, and starting his own eCommerce brand, He is constantly looking towards what’s next. Despite the seemingly endless list of to-dos, he finds a way to prioritize her own health and nutrition goals while working and acting.

“My mission is to help people become equipped with knowledge around food and strength training in order to reach their mental and physical goals while building healthy and sustainable habits. A strong mindset and discipline built through fitness can translate seamlessly into other aspects of life.”

Safi emphasizes how fueling the body correctly is all the more important when faced with a busy schedule. “If you’re already stressed in your day-to-day life, the added stress on the body from consistently being on a restrictive diet won’t do you any favors” he adds.

Safi’s fitness journey began in college as a New Year’s resolution in 2016. He started his fitness Instagram as a secret in hopes to accumulate more like-minded friends and a community to help keep her accountable. Throughout the years he’s documented different phases of his life such as balancing college and fitness, transitioning into corporate life post-grad, and even through bodybuilding competition preps.

“Those who have followed my journey since the beginning have really been able to see me grow as an individual and an athlete. I started from a college boy just wanting to lose the freshman 15, to a competitor who tracked macros every day, to someone who intuitively eats and still loves lifting for the mental benefits just as much as the physical ones. I think we all strive to be in a place where we are comfortable in our bodies, yet feel non-restrictive. My hope is to share with people that it is possible to find your version of balance through fad diets and (sometimes dangerous) elements of extreme diet culture. “

“Making a change is never easy, developing the discipline to stick with it will make you more mentally strong in all facets of life – not just fitness.”

Safi currently offers nutrition and training 1:1 online coaching for those looking for accountability and sustainable progress. His Instagram also features a realistic view into someone’s life who has a full-time job and multiple side businesses. Plus there’s always some added humor to help get you through the workweek.


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