Can you provide tips for breeding rare monsters in My Singing Monsters?

One of the biggest goals for players of My Singing Monsters is filling their islands with ultra-rare monsters. But breeding these rare creatures takes luck and strategy. In this guide, let’s explore useful tips to master the art of breeding rare monsters in My Singing Monsters.

With the right techniques, your islands will be brimming with gleaming gold variants and ethereal Specters in no time!

Understanding Rare Monster Basics

Before diving into specific tips, here are some key facts about breeding rare monsters:

  • Rares have gold backgrounds and names instead of purple.
  • They produce more coins and shards per minute.
  • Rares take much longer average times to breed.
  • You still need the required elements to breed a rare version.
  • Rares cannot breed with commons to make more rares.

Now let’s see how you can apply that knowledge…

Useful Tips for Breeding Rare Monsters

Follow these tips to start pumping out rare monsters for your islands:

  • Use the best monster combinations – some work better than others for rares. Do research on the best pairings.
  • Level up your breeding monsters – higher levels like 15 improve rare breeding odds.
  • Use Enhancers and boosts like the Tribal Torch to increase chances.
  • Upgrade breeding structures as high as possible – higher levels help substantially.
  • Keep trying and don’t lose patience – rares can take lots of tries and time. Perseverance pays off!

Using those breeding strategies optimally, you’ll be swimming in gleaming gold monsters.

Design Considerations for Rare Monsters

Once you finally breed some rare monsters, be sure to place them strategically on your islands:

  • Group rare variants of the same monster together.
  • Prioritize rare natural element monsters for that island (like Cold Rares on Cold Island).
  • Surround rare monsters with boosting elemental decorations.
  • Give rare large monsters like Wubbox their own space to shine.
  • Arrange pathways and structures around rare monster habitats.

Let your hard-earned rares feel right at home, and they’ll reward you with boosted coin production and harmony!

Should I Buy Rare Monsters With Diamonds?

If breeding fails, you can spend diamonds to buy rare monsters directly in the market. Things to consider:

  • Most rares cost over 1000 diamonds in the market. Very expensive!
  • guaranteed result vs spending diamonds to speed up breeding instead
  • Market monster levels start low – breeding gives higher levels
  • Buying can save time but lacks the satisfaction of breeding yourself

For many players, consistent breeding still beats spending diamonds. But buying rares is still an option if you have the diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all monsters have a rare version?

No, some monsters like Wubbox do not have rare variants.

Can two rares breed a rare baby?

Unfortunately, no. Two rare monsters will always breed a common version baby.

Do all islands have rare monsters?

Yes! Every standard island has rare versions of monsters you can breed.

Is it worth buying diamonds to speed up breeding?

It can be if you’re strategic – weigh the diamond cost vs time saved.

Should I wake up monsters every time they sleep?

Absolutely! This boosts their level and breeding/earning power over time.


With the tips and strategies outlined here for optimal pairings, breeding structure, patience, and more, you’re ready to pump out rare monsters like never before! Soon your song islands will be brimming with gleaming gold monsters and increased coin production. Stay persistent, get creative with combos, and happy breeding!



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