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How Vu Quoc Anh Became a Rapper

Vu Quoc Anh, also known as Mr.Anh, was born on November 13, 2001, in Tuyen Quang, Vietnam.

Vu Quoc Anh from Tuyen Quang, born in 2001, is young, talented, and knows how
to find his path. Compared to his peers who choose to go to work as normal
person, he chooses to explore and learn. what I call talent is because people
express their primary instincts.

Much of his lyrics are social and based on social issues, which he uses in his music to awaken the public from the oblivion of his dream. That’s why he became famous through social networking platforms, most of his songs are in his pure mother tongue. He uses familiar everyday words/slang to connect local listeners with his music and most of the time his music gives motivation to the listeners.

From the very beginning, he developed a beautiful connection between himself and the deeply meaningful poem/Gazal. He wrote his first Gazal at the age of 13 and performed it in school recitals. It was his first interaction with the audience and from then on, the boy also decided to choose another way to convey the message behind his poem. Because he belongs to the slum now well developed. But at the time, it was difficult to pick out a suitable hobby/passion for someone who paid attention to the rising child outside of school. But he shares his ideas with his parents and also shows them some of his work. They thought that this was only his temporary matter, so they didn’t take it seriously and let him do it, but only advised him to always prioritize his studies. When he started, he made random poetry videos and posted them on YouTube using random channels. After a while, he became interested in Hip-hop music and wrote his first song using his poetic abilities, and started to continue his online research on Mixing music production, etc.

The interesting thing about rap music is that he chose it to compose instead of other genres, because I love this genre and find it quite good and easy to create, so I chose it.

Vu Quoc Anh’s musical talent is a gift that God gave him from a person who is not good at music but is successful, but he is also a simple person instead of performing or performing. stage, he chose to be a silent artist.

Currently, the albums are officially available on all digital music platforms and social networks, from youtube to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok .



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