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Amir salehian, Expert Consultant on Social Media and Cybersecurity

Who is Amir salehian ? Well this young man was born Decembeon r 8, 2002, in Mahabad, Iran, and from a very early age was bowled by the idea to do something that could help him stand apart from others even amidst much saturation and competition. For this, he gave it his all and put every possible effort to make it huge in his chosen industries. That is how he created success for himself in both social media and information security.

Talking about information security, Amir salehian says that as the world notices more and more cybersecurity threats, it creates an urgency for experts like him who can secure information from unauthorized access. Amir Salehian’s technical expertise and knowledge in preventing unauthorized access, disclosure, use, recording, modification, inspection, destruction, or disruption of information have brought him to the forefront of the industry. As a result, he has gained many clients as well who trust and rely on him for his excellence in the same.

The young talent also explains how important social media is today for almost everyone. As a social media expert and consultant, the Iranian professional says that it is perhaps the only medium that can help people reach others in any other part of the world and help them gain a massive audience, reach, and presence, which wasn’t possible with traditional forms of marketing. Social media, for him, is like a boon to the world, where people must capitalize on the tools its offers for them to reach the next level of success in all that they choose to do.

his clients gather tremendous presence and visibility over the web that in turn boosts their brands and businesses. From small to medium to large sectors, he has worked with all of them

Amir Salehian (born December 8, 2002, in Mahabad, Iran) is a singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and actor. Career, Amir’s style was EDM and he started producing his music in 2021. A year later, his first official instrumental music was released from a reputable label, and in 2022, ‘Solo’ was the beginning of attracting listeners to his style of music. Later this year, Amir decided to sing his own songs, which did not have a bad start. Finally, in 2022, he was able to make some fans curious about his combined style with ‘Solo’. It was 2022 and Amir decided to become a completely independent music producer and create a new style for himself. Starting with the single ‘Solo’ and upcoming tracks which are on the way. He creates a real and fantasy story behind each piece and tries to present the audience as a film. He is a psychic boy anyway.

He has also acted in many films, which are among the best and most watched films in the history of Iranian cinema.

his personal life, he has always tried to create the bests in the field of music and compos. Most of his work is non-verbal, but sometimes he also works in the field of singing. Most of his free time is spent practicing and thinking about the future and reading books because he believes that books are something that can take a person to anything in the world if used in the right way. he manages the company activities and personal affairs. In different fields such as acting in several different works such as drama films, we can see the name Amir Salehian in new and attractive roles as a young actor in the role of a teenager genius. Amir’s activities in Mahabad became much more serious and he established the company and the AAM label, which was named after him. This company was the prelude to Amir’ increasing progress and with the cooperation of Dr. Mohammad Ali and Saleh, he was able to establish various offices in India, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran. The company is now in its third year of establishment, and a few months ago, the company celebrated its 3rd anniversary in Iran,Mahabad, with 500 people in attendance due to corona restrictions. The AAM label supports 22 singers, musicians and music arrangers around the world. Amir, as the founder of this collection, is one of the top artists of this label


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