Instagram Account of Popular Blogger and Entrepreneur Chingiz Nasirov’s was Disabled by Scammers

Famous Russian entrepreneur, blogger, and influencer Chingiz Nasirov was catching the eye on social media every day. His luxurious and ostentatious lifestyle was what attracts most followers and fans from around the world until the date of August 27, 2020.

The official Instagram account of Chingiz Nasirov disabled.

@chingi_official is an official account that blocked by scammers from social networks. They created a fake account of Chingiz and issued a fake account as a real one. With the help of a fake account. They managed to access Chingiz Nasirov’s real account and blocked the account of the famous entrepreneur on Instagram without checking.
A few hours after the account disabled, a message with blackmail and threat came to Chingiz Nasirov’s Telegram messenger. The scammers wrote:
– Send us 10,000 USD, or we will add a lot of unpleasant information about you to the social network. Our hero Nasirov reacted to this situation without panic. However, A little time passed and it noticed that many fake accounts with his photos created on the social network Instagram. Fraudsters using his photos and name took advantage of and deceived many people for money.

He turned to cybersecurity, which is still on the lookout for these scammers.

Moreover, The same scammers have already been used with other popular bloggers from Russia like Gusein Gasanov @gusein.gasanov, Mikhail Litvin @mikhail_litvin Dinat Gumerov @dinat_official, and others. They had to pay 10,000 USD and the scammers returned their account. But they have a multi-million account compared to Chingiz Nasirov. Two months have passed. Chingiz has not returned his official account, despite the fact that he contacted Instagram support many times and did not receive any response. He did not expect this from such a popular social network Instagram.

Covid-19 also affected the response rate of Instagram support. We hope, Chingiz Nasirov’s Instagram account will be returned and cybercriminals will be punished for this.


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