Chandan Sharma – A Story of Young Musician from Deoghar

Chandan Sharma is a well-known and popular Indian Musical artist, Actor, Author, Influencer & internet personality. He was born on 16 April 2002 to a middle-class family who lived in Deoghar, Jharkhand. At present, the young music artist is Chandan Sharma, came to the discussion through the song “The Last Saturday”.

His songs have already received a great response on YouTube. I’m trying to do something extraordinary,” said Chandan Sharma. Young musician Chandan Sharma currently spends most of his time with music and Blogging. He is also dreaming of becoming a good quality music producer and author. I also want to know myself as a music producer. He received the official artist channel Verify on YouTube 2021 and received the Artist Verify badge from Spotify, I’m trying to do something different,” said Chandan Sharma. Some of these music videos are finished. More work is going on. I used to sing since childhood. There was a different kind of love for music. There was love for the song but the song was not learned that way.

In this regard, the young music artist Chandan Sharma, started his music journey in 2017. Now the epidemic in the country has become a permanent problem in Corona, in which it is not possible to work outside the home. I have already verified as the official artist of the international music platforms YouTube, Spotify, and many others. The young musician added that my original song will be released from my official YouTube channel “Chandan Sharma”. He is also doing music covers as well.

He Quotes, Marketing is really tough you have to constantly learn new things to keep yourself updated. He’s famous on search engines like Google,  Microsoft Bing, he is featured on most of the press. He is still working in his field and according to chandan Sharma he says – “Every challenge you face is an opportunity to create a stronger, wiser and more creative self “.

He owns his digital marketing agency called Label By Chandan Sharma, he is the founder of the company. He started his journey in july 2017. He has been working with many artist, public figure across the globe helping to grow their social media and build their presence.



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