Against all odds- 423kidk ready to launch debut album “Never Going Back”

Are you tired of listening to music that sounds repetitive and has no real meaning behind the lyrics? If the answer is yes then you need to follow 423kidk, an upcoming artist who is now making his debut with the album titled “Never Going Back” which is set to release on the 18th of February 2022.

423kidk hails from Chattanooga Tennessee but did not have much of a fulfilling life there. He left home and tried to make it on his own. At the same time, he began writing songs and focusing on his musical career which was the reason for him to leave Tennessee in the first place. Even though 423kidk put in a lot of hard work and tried his best to survive, the situation failed him and he soon found himself unemployed and homeless. For several months, 423kidk lived out of his car but never gave up working on his album.

Finally, 423kidk got his big break and found accommodation in Los Angeles California. As one can expect the city of artists is the perfect place for an upcoming musician and it not only got him inspired to focus on his goals but also introduced him to many new people in the right industry. 423kidk has used these connections in his upcoming album and has made it into a true musical masterpiece. Moreover, what is so interesting about “Never Going Back” is that it was recorded in three places: Blue Ridge Atlanta, Savannah Georgia, and Los Angeles California, which all represent the 3 stages of 423kidk’s life till now. The project speaks of the highs and lows of 423kidk’s life and his journey to the point where he is at this moment.

The music industry is already a tough one with severe competition and very few opportunities given for those who have not yet made a name for themselves. On top of that, given the lack of support in 423kidk’s life and the financial, mental, and physical challenges he had to face, one would expect him to give up. Yet 423kidk stands as an example of a true fighter and has even named the album after his lifelong motto of never giving up.

So, if you are anticipating a chance at knowing who 423kidk is and why his music is so special make sure you follow him on his social media profiles linked below and stay updated with his releases.

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