Metoxo Eco – An international film and music production company.

Metoxo Eco possesses proven creative skills in the field of music and film production. In today’s meantime, there’s so much talent in the field of entertainment especially in the music and films industry, that to search for quality talent and promote it to get a positive result is a big challenge, these days. 

CREATIVE CREW – Metoxo Eco is the right platform to present your talent in the music and film industry. Moreover, the company also possesses a positive and welcoming approach to new and fresh talent. The creative staff members of their team help and guide you in every possible way that will surely yield a positive response from the audience.

MUSIC AT GLOBAL LEVEL – Metoxo Eco is a global music company with a roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. The company boasts a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important Punjabi recordings in history.

SEVERAL PROJECTS ONBOARD – Today Metoxo Eco India has forged agreements with several digital partners to distribute Punjabi music and films across the globe, covering a huge variety of digital music businesses. The new age era is of music and films. More youngsters are now having an interest and passion in music and films. Metoxo Eco is the best platform to showcase your passion at the global level.

PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES FOR COVID 19 – In the current situation of covid 19, the efficiency level of the company is still at its peak. They are continuously running virtual meetings and tie-ups to search for creative and fresh talent. All the precautionary measures are strictly followed in the company against covid 19 virus. 

QUALITY ASSURANCE – Metoxo Eco is a  movie and music production and distribution house, an ace music label, diligently working in the fields of films and music, striving to change the face of the industry and take it to new heights. The company is committed to the highest quality production of films, music videos, and film distribution. The company platform envisions pioneering, innovative productions that aim to entertain both domestic and international audiences.

PROMOTES YOUNG & FRESH TALENT – They Provide An Opportunity For Young Talent For The Startup. They Have a leading And Professional Team Of Music Directors, Producers, Executives, And Sound Engineers. From Sound Recording To Editing, Track Mixing, And Sound Design They Launch The New Punjabi Single Tracks, Video Songs, Albums, and Short Movies Also. The production house is encrypted with superior quality interiors that give you the ultimate shoot experience. 

CONCLUSION – All in all, working with Metoxo Eco gives you an ultimate experience that will let you work repeatedly with the company. Collaborating with Metoxo Eco ensures long-term engagement with the company. Come collaborate with Metoxo Eco to upgrade and showcase your skills in the field of music and films.


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