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Ruhool Ahmad Kawa Successful Youngest Musical Artist Of Jammu and Kashmir

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa

We all know Ruhool Ahmad Kawa is an Indian Singer And Musical Artist, The musician was born on 9 January 2001 in Sonawari Jammu and Kashmir, india. Ruhool Ahmad Kawa had a lot of interest in music since his childhood. At the age of 18 he got the support of his family and joined a music band. After gaining knowledge about music from there Ruhool Ahmad Kawa is started a music band in his own name. Currently, Ruhool Ahmad Kawa is available on YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and various music platforms. Through which Ruhool has gained a lot of popularity.


Ruhool Ahmad Kawa (Born 9 January 2001 ) is a Indian Musician, Artist, Influencer, Web developer.

Ruhool Ahmad Kawa is 20 years old now. This young musician has a secondary education from Model higher secondary School Sumbal. Later he took admission in Government degree College Sumbal and at present he is studying in Government degree College Sumbal.




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