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South Florida’s Own MarlyWizz Reaches Great Heights & Acknowledges New Talents.


South Florida’s Own MarlyWizz Reaches Great Heights And Acknowledges New Talents.

Known by Marly Wizz, Donovan Alexander McLean, was born September 19, 1993 in Kingston, Jamaica’ at Victoria jubilee hospital ‘At 6 years old, Marlywizz and his family relocated to Miami, Florida. That’s when he noticed life in the states would be a lot different from living in the islands. Fast forward a couple of years down the line. In 2013, he lost his dad, then his big brother and grandma all a year apart . Loosing his brother played a major role in his stunt career.

Having a lot of  love for dirt bikes & motorcycles, Marly began his dangerous but yet rewarding career as a stunt performer. His talent landed him in major music videos, working with countless underground artists and many more well known artists, such as DJ Khalid and Kingston’s own Vybz Kartel. Even though being known worldwide, he stays very humble. Focusing on himself and his family, the unconditional love he has for his son, Zion Alexander McLean, is a major key to what keeps Marly pushing to strive for success. Despite all of the recognition he gets from social media for his crazy stunts, Marlywizz enjoys his own company giving himself time to perfect his craft as an upcoming artist.

Adding to his resume, Marly Wizz appeared on Steve-O’s “Bucket List Tour”, & can also be seen riding in Rick Ross’ “Buy The Block Back” documentary. He also made it into the bikelife hall of fame .

Marly often returns to his island roots and rides in bike shows throughout the Caribbean, such as Saint Lucia, Saint Martin, and the Cayman Islands. Barbados, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and many more

Although he is widely known for his daring bike stunts, Marly Wizz is shifting his focus from his rising musical career to songs such as Littest on the block by marlywizz . He’s ready to turn things up a notch! Stay in tune with his uprising musical journey through his social media and YouTube platforms (@MarlyWizz).

visit his instagram platform @marlywizz. stay connected with South Florida’s  MarlyWizz Reaches Great Heights And Acknowledges New Talents.


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