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Dan Emil Joshua, a musical virtuoso from Chennai

The 21-year-old Dan Emil Joshua is a Chennai-based musical virtuoso who plays the piano and guitars with equal felicity.

Introduction of Dan Emil Joshua

Dan Emil Joshua is a Music Producer and a Gospel Artist from Chennai, India. His introduction to the world of music was sown by motivation of his parents. His family was not into music, but his parents were interested to make him learn. The main purpose he learnt music was to play in their Church. His interest was only on singing till he started to learn music. Then he started learning music from his cousin.


Later, he involved himself in learning more music lessons. At first, He learnt basic keyboard playing from his cousin and he himself improved his playing. Then he moved into his childhood passion on learning Guitar. He started working out and learning guitar for himself. It was hard at first to learn a new instrument for himself without any guidance. Gradually he started improving his guitar playing from the music theories which he learned from keyboard.

Entering into the career

His first source of inspiration was his parents, and Dan began learning how to play the piano at the young age of fourteen under his cousin, unknowingly kick-starting what would go on to be a promising career.


Over the years, as his love for music grew and he began paying more attention to it, he had his family’s support at every step of the way. Eventually, the young musician, intent on devoting all his time to his passion, started making music at his own.


Later then, he learnt the complicated Digital Audio Workstations by himself without any guidance of any professionals. He initially started producing music by the gears what he had. He started visiting recording studios as his professional start up for his music production. He went through many artists and built up contacts with the leading Music Producers in the city.


Down the line, He predominantly scored music for Tamil Gospel Songs and contributing music programming and post production works for various Producers and Artists.

As a Music producer & Songwriter

Since then, he’s grabbed every opportunity that’s come his way He and his brother Deri Lorus were making music instrumentals, covers and their originals under the Record Label “D Flat Records”. One of their notable singles is “Puthiya Kaariyam” which they had a chance of collaborating with Ebenezer Charles. And the trio joined together and working for months writing lyrics and composing melodies for their new release, which reached the thousands of people through internet.


He and his brother Deri Lorus had a latest release on making tribute music for the people who are affected by Corona Virus Disease all over the world.


Now he is working on his singles and EP’s which are yet to be released. The young musician, who is determined to make a name for himself as a music composer in the future, has a message for budding talents — “Keep chasing your passion until you achieve.”


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