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Sakshi Chamat: An aspiring doctor and IAS officer

Author, boxer, compiler, actor & publisher, Sakshi Chamat is a girl with beauty and brains. Sakshi is the winner of Zakle, Manik show (acting). Two of her books have been published that explore the concepts of life and conceptual thinking, self-confidence and love at first sight. She has previously co-authored over 60 anthologies. Recently, she was awarded with the leading best writer award and she achieved Indian Noble Awards 2021. She has also managed to get featured on many social media websites, Google, Radio Vrishti, Spotify, Pinterest, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers.
Sakshi Chamat is an Indian record Holder. She is the founder of SQuall of Life Community and Eternal Blue Sky Publication and head of The Opus challenge hunt community as she is an English and Hindi judge, reviewer, event head manager, and head in many other such communities. As she is the founder of the community, she arranges a weekly open mic. She gives the platform to recite views and poetry by other writers. She arranges many events for the writers to get appreciation. Also, she worked as an actor in three short films on health awareness. She was the finalist of the Instagram competition 2021.
Sakshi Chamat aims to be a doctor, and after completing her MBBS, she aspires to become an IAS Officer. Besides the long list of dreams, which she includes in the diary of her passion. She is passionate about writing and sports. She is a DSO-level boxer and a volleyball player. Sakshi also participated in many government and private Kho – Kho matches and won trophies in these activities. During the haunting period of lockdowns, when everyone else was busy hustling over the internet and losing interest, this young girl began her publishing journey. She started writing in 2020 and got her books published. Born in 2004 in Nagpur city. She’s the elder child of the Chamat family. She has a younger brother. Her father, Mr. Shyam Chamat, and her mother, Mrs. Madhavi Chamat. Recently, she has passed her board exams and taken admission in St. Paul College, Nagpur.

She wanted to become an inspiration for all. Her biggest motivation through her thick and thin has been her family and her beloved ones that stand with her as her backbone. She believes in staying strong in many situations well and that suffering doesn’t matter, it matters what you make yourself in those situations. Keep learning from the problems you will get success.


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