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Meet Movie Actor Bash Luks who has made it big in the movie and music industry.

Bashir Lukonge, more commonly known as Bash Luks, is a Ugandan Singer-songwriter, Actor, Author of the book, ‘Road To Success’, Music Producer and Founder of the Record label called Lot Fire Records, where he serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Uganda. Bash Luks was born to Isima Matovu a Business man and Rosemary Nannyonga – a Nursing Assistant. The last of two siblings grew up in Mubende District and raised in Kampala, Uganda. He has credits for film acting and appears in some Ugandan local Television series.

He attended a class of 2008 at Butega Church of Uganda Primary School Mityana for his primary level of Education, He went to St. Joseph’s Secondary School Busega class of 2012, Forest Peas High School Kikandwa and St. Matia Mulumba Secondary School Kassanda class of 2014 for his secondary level of education.

Bash Luks at Lot Fire Records

Bash Luks started his music career at a young age. As a young artist, struggled to find his voice and his place in the industry. He spent years honing his craft, writing and recording music in his bedroom, and performing at local open mic nights and events. Despite the long hours and hard work, Bash Luks never lost his love for music. He was driven by a deep desire to connect with his listeners and to share his stories and experiences through his music. He got connected to most of the media houses and producers around town.

Bash Luks released his debut single “Nkubwamu” (Feat. Jim Siizer) on October 2022. β€˜Nkubwamu’ is a Luganda/Ganda phrase translated to English, meaning β€˜Getting High.’ It is a club banger produced by BX On Da Beat at Lot Fire Records. He has other songs like Magical (Featuring Jim Siizer) among others and still releasing more songs.

Besides being a Musician, Bash Luks is a Fashionista. He hadn’t the slightest knowledge about fashion but with a strong desire to become a Fashionista as a person who follows trends in the fashion industry obsessively and strives continually to adopt the latest fashions, found himself developing a very strong connection with fashion. And so here we go, He has fallen in love with fashion and feels the urge to perfect his fashion skills and enjoy everything about fashion.


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