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Nafiza Islam: Strumming her way to success

Experiencing childhood in Old Town implies being uncovered since the beginning to various societies. Numerous capable people call the bear banner express their home. With regards to hiphop, from Tupac to Snoop Dog, it’s obviously true that the West Coast affects forthcoming specialists from the space.

Nafiza Islam, otherwise called “Anam” is headed to turning into the following sensation. With a no level of music in her pocket, she is continually pushing the limits and putting her gifts to utilize. Composing, recording, and blending her own music, she allows her person to radiate through each track. As an old town craftsman, she conveys a ton of impacts. No-nonsense rap and hot tunes can be heard through her melodies. Consistent with her underlying foundations, her verses are a token of where she comes from. The free-streaming conveyance streamlines the intricate pleasantry and effectiveness of her message.

“I’m truly extending myself and diving profound into my craft to push the limits of my music. I’m getting out of my usual range of familiarity” she says.

She is currently a non mainstream craftsman and views it to be a superior, more precise portrayal of what her identity is. In the beyond two years, she has worked together with extraordinary individual performers.

In the same way as other before her, she changes her battles into sweet songs and recounts to her story through painstakingly picked words. Her assurance and coarseness continues to push her forward. She needs to show the world that ladies are a relentless amazing powerhouse. Think ambitiously, put in the effort and incredible things will occur.

Her new single ‘Mast Nazron Se’ gives proper respect to her late emotion.

“2020 was simply the year to truly discover as a craftsman, concentrating on my art and rebranding myself. 2021 is the time of takeover!” remarks Nafiza Islam.

When asked about her future plans after this, Nafiza Islam says, “I am really interested in moving forward with production and entertainment industry related works, as this has been the one thing that I wanted to do and get involved in, since I was a kid. It’s a dream come true to me. With more projects coming my way, I think I’m deciding to stay a lot more time investing on this.”

She is crude, she is savage, she is independent. She is Nafiza Islam and she is addressing where she comes from proudly.


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