Tushar Rastogi Musical Artist Born On 20 May 1997 India Uttar pradesh,india

Muiscal Artist Tushar arstogi And Founder voiceofhindu.in was Born On 20 May 1997 in Uttar pradesh, India . He is Always tranding On social media and Music Platforms with Your Music and Friends.

Who was behind this News Media Website ?

Tushar known as Tushar Rastogi is a Journalist by profession and musical artist by passion, he is also the founder of voiceofhindu.in.in News website,  & He is also the Uttar Pradesh District ministor of Vishwa hindu mahasangh  Vishwa Hindu mahasangh is a International organaization which is registered by USA

Life and Career

Tushar Rastogi was born on 20th May 1997 in a Moradabad District of Uttar Pradesh. Tushar Rastogi started his journey as a blogger. He started blogging at the age of 19, He Spends more times in blogging, Writting articles on social issues, Political and many more. His started his blogging career with free blogger.com blogs in 2019 when he was in 12th grade, and Created first blog in blogger named as itusharrastogi.blogspot.com and started publishing news articles in it.

In this digital era youths are using Social Media as for funny but some young’s use this Social Media platform as an opportunity to and believe in starting business, their brands or entity. Many of you not aware about Entrepreneurship and starting business online, made money from using mobile phone easily. Only 1% youths understand and work on changing there future by solving complex problems in India as been Entrepreneur. All of you have responsibility to up our economy and become job providers not as job seekers.

Tushar Rastogi is open minded person they believe in changing the World and makes India as developed country. It’s not easy but if we’re been together and work on today’s challenges which was Faced by Youths in now day’s it been easier. We have responsibility for our nation to been citizens work for our country and improve or affect lifestyle.

Challenge is shorter then confidence if we have confidence to achieve something you can achieve by facing extreme challenges and become successful like Tushar. He have confidence which required to all aspiring youths who believe something starting up there own. Tushar is just as aspiring for those who are wants to be successful in his own life. You must have learnt from Tushar inspiring story which give you powerful Motivation for doing something in your life.


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