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Founder Brian Murdock on Taking a Proactive Measure in Providing IT Solutions through All World Communications


Communication is the bedrock of society and one of the essential skills required for success, especially when building a business. However, because of the large volume of sensitive information and data shared on the waves these days, many companies have lost sensitive data to hackers. Brian Murdock established All World Communications, the leading solution partner in the technology sector to protect these companies by providing IT and communication services.

All World Communications is a privately owned, customer-oriented technology company established to serve companies and fulfill their communication needs such as IT services and cybersecurity while providing support according to their best interests as opposed to that of the vendors. The technology company’s state-of-the-art technology helps businesses streamline workflow and bring teams together to collaborate more effectively and increase productivity. In addition, All World Communications also provides 24/7 maintenance and monitoring, preventing unauthorized access to computers and servers. “No matter the business, All World Communications has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.”

At the helm of the company is founder Brian Murdock, a futuristic technologist. He is committed to finding solutions to simple problems in marginalized communities, such as accessing suitable internet. He is also dedicated to creating paths to sustainable careers in technology, ensuring financial stability and homeownership and narrowing the wealth gap. Brian’s passion for creating and sustaining an impact in black, brown, and other marginalized communities has led All World Communications to initiate the discussion with multiple states and Puerto Rico, Mexico, and parts of Africa to provide both internet solutions and training initiatives. 

As an entrepreneur who started at young age mowing lawns of his father’s rental properties, Brian Murdock got an aerial view of the positives and negatives of entrepreneurship as he watched his father build and manage the family business—Murdock & Sons Construction—into one of the largest minority-owned contractors in the Midwest. However, due to circumstances outside of his control, Brian’s father met his untimely demise.

Brian’s goal is to inspire and empower businesses and communities through technology adoption, job creation, and servant leadership. Through his company, he has worked with thousands of clients from small to medium-sized businesses interested in growth and technologies that can help them reach their goals.

“We believe that with the correct information and the right people, an SMB can compete with a large enterprise in service because of the ability to be nimble and deliver service on time,” he states. 

A firm believer that small steps make a giant leap, Brian Murdock makes a conscious effort to speak to everyone to identify their pain point and make at least five people smile. Every day, he meets his leadership team to see what the current projects are and what action items to make them successful.

“My KPIs are to make a certain number of physical touches or calls per day to generate interest in the multiple arms of All World Communications, follow up with All World affiliates and what projects they’re working on providing support when needed,” he shared.

In the coming years, Brian Murdock wants to expand the reach of his business and see it become a multi-billion dollar business that provides opportunities for people to change the lives of their entire families. To learn more about Brian, visit his LinkedIn page. 


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