The success you know but the journey you don’t with Salwa Azar, the famous blogger based out of Dubai

How did you start traveling and writing?

Actually, I have always enjoyed traveling. I love to experience new cuisines and most importantly discover cultures and learn about their history. But I had never thought of writing. It was only during the lockdown last year that got me thinking if I should write about it in the hope that maybe I can inspire people who love traveling.

What else do you do apart from blogging?

Well, blogging and traveling are my hobbies. My real job is Marketing and Social Media for one of the biggest hotels in the world, Atlantis The Palm, Dubai.

What is the best travel tip you have received so far?

I would say: visit Montenegro. I am literally now flying out of Montenegro blown away!

Which is your all-time favorite destination and restaurant in the world?

My favorite destination is Rovaniemi, Santa’s home in Finland and my favorite restaurant is The Alchemist Copenhagen.

Which has been your most successful blog post to date and what was it about?

I have 2 blogs that are quite at the top. One is about editing your photo and the apps to use, you know everyone wants to make sure you get the best click and the other one is about my trip to the top 4 restaurants of 50 best Restaurants in the world.

Who motivates you for traveling and writing?

Life in Dubai is quite different from the rest of the world, you work really hard to succeed so I go by the saying: Work hard, play hard! And my hobby is traveling.

What has been the most interesting dish you’ve tasted?

Ohh, this would have to be the last dish at The Alchemist: a candy. So we sat in quite a dark place and were given an orange candy, took a picture of it, and then ate it. It tasted a bit spicy. Later on, after I left the restaurant, as I was browsing through my pictures I stumbled on this one.. and this was the shock of my life: the candy had 2 ants! If you know Chef Rasmus you would know that every dish is a surprise!

Any funny travel incidents you would like to share?

There are many but the weirdest one is that I always forget to pack my underpants with me. Probably out of more than 80 trips I have done so far, around 60 of them I had to run around in the city to find new ones. It is almost like a collectible souvenir these days. I have a few from each city, haha!

Any advice for novice travelers and food connoisseurs?

Get out of your comfort zone: try new things and travel to new places. I wish someone had told me this 10years ago. I would’ve probably avoided going 7 times to Italy πŸ˜‚

Is solo traveling risky for women?

Well, it really depends on the destination and how confident you are. I usually travel with my companion. However, I did travel to India, Estonia, France, and Maldives by myself and felt very safe. The only issue is who will take your picture then?

Have you faced any challenges during traveling?

Of course, I did, I was once in a taxi leaving the airport in Sri Lanka when he got into a fight with another driver in the middle of the highway and they both stopped the cars and went down to fight each other. I was terrified but then they settled the issue and continued their journey.

How do you afford to travel?

My real job helps me manage my hobby. I never ask or get anything for free, not even an upgrade, I don’t like to be treated any differently than anyone else, I like to be low-key.

What was your worst food experience?

Yes, although it might come as a surprise for you, I will have to go with Portugal. No, I am not a fan of sardine or bacalao (salted cod stew).

Any quote you have read while traveling and follows in your life?

Traveling – leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Any place you haven’t got a chance to visit yet?

Yes, I had a trip planned for Cambodia and Vietnam on the 15th of March 2020 and haven’t been able to go since the countries are still on lockdown since then. But these are on my list. I will plan again sooner or later.

Salwa Azar

Follow her on Instagram @sissiazar


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