Friday, June 21, 2024

Anand Kumar: Not the Ordinary Story

In our day-to-day life, we come across so many stories, but some stories stay with us forever. One of those stories is of Anand Kumar, an 18-year-old boy hailing from Jamshedpur. With growing age, money is needed, and we understand its value when we don’t have it. Being a middle-class boy where the father is a businessman, and mother, a housewife, with dreams in the eyes but no money in the pocket is rough. That is precisely where the idea of online earning struck Anand’s mind. Fortune favors the brave. The vast concept of technology that Anand gathered throughout the years made him achieve what he desired. Though the initial phases were very tough such as lack of customers, lack of support system, and constant pleading for gaining followers, Anand got himself out of that well with his creative thinking and enthusiasm to work.

He had to sell his two Instagram pages with a huge number of followers for the high maintenance and his studies. But Anand didn’t give up there. Eventually, his curiosity about learning, promising connections with people, and hard work lead him to success. He gave technology lessons to people and started promoting through social media. “Try to be independent and never lose hope. How massive your failure is, never give up, work extremely hard and watch success following you“, says Anand. Besides swimming for fun, his future goal is to be a businessman and grow his audience throughout the world. “anand.kumar15” is his personal Instagram handle, and he is currently managing the Instagram page “chal.jhuti”, which has 55k followers. He has served branding and promotions for both Indian and International clients and gained much fame.

Where money-making is tough and people are depressed for not being enough, Anand is the perfect example for the youth of India. He realized at a very young age that the problems he faced are universal, and everyone nowadays tries to be known, to rise above. He consults the needed folk with marketing ideas and helps them reach their desired followers. His message for the aspiring youth in online business is, “Invest in yourself other than wasting your precious time for others, and watch them wasting theirs for you”. The constant growth of the young man, full of desires to climb the peak, is something we don’t want to miss. Opportunities will not come automatically without you asking for them; the story depicts the necessity of a man in his teenage and the hustles he has to commit to make his dream fulfill.


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