How to distribute our press release in top Indian news websites – Press Release Distribution

A press release service is indeed one of the best marketing tools the PR industry has to offer. It allows you to send your press release to a large number of online news publications, trade journals, business magazines, journalists, media outlets, bloggers, and target audience. Press release is most important thing if you want to publicize or get your exposure on you brand worldwide. For a low cost it can help you gain brand recognition, build credibility on the marketplace, and reach larger audiences. In fact, most companies, both big and small issue a new press release on a weekly or monthly basis to stay in the news. Press release distribution service in India can have a significant impact in the success of your PR distribution campaign. MaxternMedia will help you with press release distribution to top Indian news websites. Press Release also help websites to increase their traffic and get their ranking better organically.

What are the benefits of a press release?

  • A Press Release is an Excellent Public Relations & Marketing Tool.
  • Control Your Story.
  • Proactive Reputation Management.
  • Improve Your SEO.
  • Give Your Social Media a Boost.
  • Staying Power.
  • Displays Your Expertise.
  • Specialized Distribution

MaxternMedia had worked for more then 200 clients in india as well as cross-border. Press Release help small companies and people to tell the world what they offer and whome they are.

Get your press release done

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