An inspiring journey of techie turned social media influencer Ayush Ranjan

Ayush Ranjan is so popular on social media platforms that in a very short period the Facebook account has gained over 1lakh followers. coming to the next very popular social media platform Instagram he has 10K followers here too. His content is exclusive and popular. He makes sure that his feeds show his experience in the latest youth icon. We youngsters have to learn the habit of persistent hard work from Ayush Ranjan.

Like meet Ayush Ranjan …who has made it possible to emerge the social sites as the helping network…. concerning the issues of locals and assisting them at the local level

He started his social media journey with a limited no of friends and has a family of more than one lakh on Facebook…..because he struggled so hard and come so far

He is a neet aspirant and wants to pursue a carrier in the medical field….but somehow he tries to manage to give some time to the social media helping the youngsters dealing with depression stress and anxiety

We youngsters have to learn the habit of persistent hard work from Ayush Ranjan…

Like everyone he had also faced emotional and financial ups and downs in his life….but he never give up….he always tries to make a balance between all perspectives of life…

Very soon you are going to see him in the new avatar.
This was the time he also studied and learned plenty regarding Social Media Growth. He learned everything with online resources and also the trial-and-error method. Lack of resources solely increased his determination to induce mastery in his passion. He started his channel with the read that sharing knowledge makes an additional excellent in any domain. His hacks were so viral that his videos went infectious agent and he became a popular YouTuber in his area. His Instagram popularity reached a brand new high.

His social media presence is so robust that a lot of native businesses and illustrious brands are approaching him for collaboration and promotional functions. Ayush Ranjan is taking one step at a time. He continues to share his information on the most recent social-media hacks on YouTube.


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