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Born to live, Surabhi Naik Author of Inward shelf and Emblem of soul soon to release her new book

Surabhi Naik: Author of Inward shelf and Emblem of soul.

Surabhi Naik is an author of Inward shelf and Emblem of soul. She loves music and art and has done her masters in clinical psychology. She has done her clinical internship at Masina hospital, Byculla and Thane mental hospital. She has also provided therapy during her internship, to schizophrenic, anxiety, addiction, depression, mood disorder and sexual abuse patients. She has also completed her internships in various organisations.
She has co authored more than 30 anthology books with different publishers.

In literary field, she has been nominated for the Attainer’s award, Spectrum Sahitya award, Prestigious Literary award, Youth Achiever of the Year, 2021, Rising star award, sparkling superstar and also been regarded as a warrior of change, 2021 and featured in the diaspora Times Global International newspaper, menafn, Influencer Magazine UK, Fox story India, Weekly mail, menafn, Fox story India, Enterpreneur ethics, fab world today, Daily hunt timesbulletin, and many more.
She started writing during the lockdown, in 2021, since it provided her time and opportunity to self-introspect and reflect on a few experiences and lessons of life. She started with a few reflections of wisdom from the heart and ultimately wove the thread of her thoughts, poems and reflections into a book of 284 pages called ‘Inward shelf’ and submitted for publishing. This is how her journey as a writer began. She was inspired by the writings of many renowned writers like Jay Shetty, Najwa Zebian, Vex King, Sylvestter Mcnutt and Robin Sharma. She read a few non-fiction, self-help books like ‘Think like a monk’ by Jay Shetty, ‘Good vibes, Good life’ by Vex King and this created a spark of inspiration within her, to write about wisdom literature. Her books ‘Inward shelf’ and ‘Emblem of soul’, is released worldwide and she is currently working on her next book.

Being a psychologist and an author, she loves to write books that provide a vision and direction in the way of living. People tend to have unlimited automatic thoughts which hinder their growth and physiology without changing their perspective and the way they look at things. This is the reason for depression and mental chaos and illness in the society. They need to be educated that they can change their perception of the events by changing their reaction to it! Through being fully aware, mindful and conscious about how their thinking affects their emotions and behaviours and physiology. They can dispute their irrational thoughts with positive rational outcomes just by self-monitoring, introspection and self-observation. Most of the negative thinking, stereotypes, stigmas, misbeliefs in the society are because people are not conscious enough to understand and interpret the effect of their thoughts. Changing and modifying and altering those negative thoughts into rational comebacks or outcomes is the work of a cognitive therapist and she loves to educate people about the power over their thoughts, perceptions and behaviours through her writings.

Well, becoming a writer was her dream since her childhood.

Najwa Zebian, the author of ‘mind platter’, ‘Sparks of Phoenix’, ‘Welcome home’ and ‘the Nectar of pain’, is her greatest inspiration. She has also inspired her to pursue writing about wisdom literature and a series of reflective thoughts and musings.
She has also been nominated for the Emerging Personality Award, 2021 and Elite book awards, first runner up. She has also been awarded the best non fiction author award by the litvoice magazine and nominated for the Indian awaz for being a credible author. Also been nominated as the Real superwoman awards, 2021 by the FSIA.


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