Monday, April 22, 2024

Today, in this conversation with Usman Rao one of the most active Musician

Beacoming an artist looks very easy but it takes talent, lot of hard work and determination. Persistence and time as well. Before opting your career as an artist we should go with deep research. Researching can save your time and money in the long run for example what type of artist you want to become and how you will take it as a career etc. Many people dream of becoming famous artist . But a very young guy Usman Rao made me realize that there other factors that need to ask ourselves, are we ready to take the challenge to the outside world. Not everyone like Usman Rao have the vision, innovation and creativity to become a musician artist.


He started his career in 2021. He is the youngest best Artist of U.p Music Industry who has succeeded in achieving success at a very young age and has set a precedent for the youth.

He says, the individual must have a positive attitude and accept the responsibility, have discipline to meet their goals, and take action when the opportunity presents itself. When he started his company ” Google Media Agency” he was bit anxious, but he doesn’t want to experience any failure in achieving his ambition. He said , if you are confident it will take you to the next level, if you are too big for one’s boots then it will be a disaster. You will often find that someone in this position has a lot of self-belief. It is inevitable that people who try something new or different will face opposition. This means that the type of individual who became an artist has to have faith in what they are trying to achieve. It doesn’t mean that they should disregard the guidance of others entirely, but they must be able to think for themselves and have the confidence to make their own decisions.

Anyone can enjoy His Amazing Beats by Usman Rao across various platforms like Gaana, Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram Music, Tidel, Deezer, Jio Savan , Amazon music Soundcloud and also You Tube etc


You can Follow him on Instagram link


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