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Entrepreneur Asr Avinash Built 3 Successful Businesses Before Turning 22

“Everyone starts somewhere. No goal is out of reach when one works for it consistently”, mentions Asr Avinash, a Serial Entrepreneur, and Investor from Shillong, India who is the founder of Astroavi Agency, Ig4 Music, and 8 Music Blogs. The young entrepreneur Asr Avinash started his journey in 2017 at the age of 17. He has since built a line of projects that should inspire young people to follow their dreams. His solutions can change the dynamics of business and people’s lives.

Asr Avinash enjoys interacting with entrepreneurs and business minds. As a result, he executed many jobs, including those most sought-after in Press Release, Influencer marketing, SEO, Web development (both front and back), Design, Social Media Handling, and Artist Management.

Astroavi Agency is a leading public relations firm in the music industry.

Vizdumb, Bootlegmag, Cactus Magzine, Pop-Rising, Nuwave Hiphop, Certified Sauce, Yuh Magazine, and Pulse Hip Hop are global music news and entertainment websites.

While Ig4music is an Indian-based independent record label, they’ve worked with a wide range of musicians from around the world and have over 2 lakh Spotify plays. Rolling Stone India has also highlighted Ig4 Music on their Instagram.

Asr Avinash’s efforts and self-reliance make him a sought-after artist, label, and brand. He assists them in growing their businesses using his plan of action. Avinash has also had success as an artist manager. It helps him since he has a lot of experience in the field of digital marketing. He’s had a life-changing experience working with over 3000 people. When questioned about his achievements.

“My major objective is to show everyone that they can accomplish whatever they want in life,” Asr Avinash says. “If I can assist them physically in any way, or simply inspire them with my work, then I’m pleased.” Asr Avinash desires to be the leading Serial Entrepreneur, but he understands that keeping up with the expanding competition would be difficult. Despite this, he has learned from his mistakes that the most effective way to attain your goals is to keep working hard. We all know that no matter how difficult things become, his perseverance will bring him to victory.

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