Why TikTok is Popular Among Teens Today – Tiktok is Most Popular App Among Teen

TikTok is considered to be a true market leader of music streaming platforms industry, and not only. Given app is among world Top 10 social services comprising over 5000 million happy users. TikTok is super popular among today’s youngsters. That could be explained by the fact that the app owners have chosen under 18 category as their target audience from the very beginning.

Working on that platform deep researches and analysis were performed to learn their potential customers, their habits and behaviour. Thus, TikTok success proves the important of such stages while developing. However, there are more reasons which have contributed into TikTok success. Let’s talk about them specifically.

Ttricks of popularity
Interesting to find out that some well-known platforms, like, Facebook and SnapChat, failed to enlarge their audience last year. In some cases they even experienced the decrease of users. Under such circumstances TikTok progress seems to be even greater. Majority of service in question audience consists of young people under 18.

TikTok predicted such high interest in social networking among youngsters, and they turned to be absolutely right. The developers thought if they managed to gain success among young audience, they would be able to attract more mature users as well.
Thus, let’s have a look at TikTok great features that ensured amazing interest to the app. What characteristics made given program beat competitors?

TikTok video functionalities

# Profile
It makes sense that having an account is a must here. TikTok’s profiles present users’ personal information, their posted video clips, data on the number of subscribers, gallery, etc. It’s exactly like on Instagram.

# New videos recording
Content building is the most exciting part of such programs. Users are free to create new videos and to choose already existing clips in the gallery. In those two cases instruments to edit files vary.

# Stunning instruments
To edit videos and make them the ways users prefer, TikTok provides audience with great tools to ensure impressive effects. Obviously, there are certain instruments to edit video clips. At the same time the app is supplied with beauty effects and free-of-charge emoji. Users can make their broadcasts even better by means of constantly upgraded masks.

# Live-Ops technology
Such technique is applied to provide with online communication among users. Live-Ops also serve to keep the service up-to-date.

# Social opportunities
The app wouldn’t be so sought after without the possibility to exchange videos sending them through different social networks, say, Facebook or Instagram and the rest.
TikTok is so famous among youngsters, as it’s a piece of cake to build content in it. That simplicity differs TikTok from its rivals. TikTok developers also took advantage of artificial intelligence. Such tool performs some analysis of content pieces applying language processing together with computer vision. That what makes the platform ensure individual approach to every user offering him or her customized news feeds and individualized video options.
TikTok success makes people wonder about their tricks.

Here I will discuss some facts:

1- Most of them are single and they just want to impress a girl by doing that shit.
2- They are Attention seekers and I find it perfectly fine because it’s human nature.
3- I personally find tick-tock very irritating but one thing I noticed every user is trying to become a celebrity by making mind blocking creep videos. As you remember the meme “chai pilo friends”.
4- They get kick from this work, at least they have a hot topic to discuss with their friends those are having same teenage mindset.
5- This tick-tock thing is really need to stop because teenagers are wasting they creativity and concentration by doing so.


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