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Who is Mohit Churiwal?

Mohit in his School going days became an Instagram daft with such unique and creative content that one couldn’t skip making him a digital catch.Mohit Churiwalย  from Suratย  (Gujarat) has reached the moons with his sensation digital strategies and extraordinary content.

Mohit Churiwal has Handled Many Instagram pages Before @Time4Knowledge, @Factrun @ScarryHorrorFacts, @TheDazzlingFacts, @Wall_Of_Facts, @LogicDetector, @Idioticschool, @Tittu_mama_, @Quoty_Love, @Updated_Facts, @Fact.Gyan, @Memes_ka_makaan, & Many More

Mohit Churiwal with his tremendous social media knowledge and strategies has runner promotional campaigns for Rozdhan, Vigo and many more.

Born in Jahanabad (Bihar), He wanted to something different in his life, something that is not yet done, later on he was interested in entrepreneurship. what Mohit has achieved is a dream for many in this competitive world. The 14-year old has reached the crescendo of success with his eminent digital marketing skills and appealing content forum. He is one of those personalities on social media platforms who is loved widely and fans completely adore him for all the things that he has achieved at such a tender age.

During his School days, he was deeply devoted towards analyzing social media trends and the evolving digital market. He Started making tech video on YouTube and reched 80k subscribers in less then 7 months but due toh some reason his channel got terminated but In 2017, when the digital market was witnessing a lot of pattern changes, Mohit launched his page ‘Updated_Fact ‘ on Instagram not because of any business intentions but in order to provide people with a plethora of relatable and facts content. It’s one of those pages which donโ€™t have a face but it is completely content-driven and depends on the reality based factor to gain an audience. The page basically posts facts around trending topics. which are very well received by people around the world mainly because of its relatable theme. But because of some reason On 23 February 2019 His Page Updated_Facts 250k was Hacked. Then he Started giving Growth Pakage to foreigners and Earning in $$$. He also Started his media Company @Maxternmedia in which he ran Campaign for Servals Foreign Companies


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