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Is an accurate kundli online match possible without knowing time?

Guna matching is a Kundli matching for marriage in Vedic astrology. In Hinduism and especially in India, weddings take place with the blessings of elders and parents. That is why horoscope matching is essential for marriage and marriage is solidified only after horoscope matching. Through matching horoscopes, it is known to what extent the planets bless the bride and groom and which astrological situations can bring happiness in the marriage.

For us Indians, marriage is not only limited to the process by which two people make their relationship public, official and permanent, but it is much more than this. Marriage is defined in our scriptures as a sacred union and horoscope matching is a process that has existed for thousands of years to find this sacred relationship.

When two people get married and ignore kundali matching, it is often seen that there may be a rift in their relationship after marriage. Kundli matching or plays an important role because by checking it you can avoid many problems in life.

Kundali or Guna coincides with time

Planets and celestial bodies significantly influence our lives, so whenever there is any important event like marriage, the planets must give their blessings so that there is harmony, happiness, success and peace between the boy and the girl in their married life.

Kundali Matching by Date of Birth

As we told you earlier, if two get married without professional advice, often there will be serious mental or physical problems in their lives which can result in serious health problems like birth problem or even divorce. So it is essential to get your kundali or horoscope compared by an experienced astrologer before taking this one of life’s important decisions.

Everyone needs a decent life partner with whom they can reminisce and feel good. This is where the true happiness of the individual depends.

What is Guna Matching?

Nadi Koot has been given top priority in Kundali matches. If Nadi Koot is inauspicious then the combination of 28 gunas will also be considered inauspicious. There are a maximum of 36 guns in Guna Milan. If Bhakoot and Nadi Koota are auspicious, then a combination of 31 to 36 gunas will be considered best, 21 to 30 gunas as very good, 17 to 20 as medium and 0-16 as inauspicious.

How many traits should come together when matching horoscopes?

For a happy, successful and blissful marriage, the minimum number of Kundli matches should be between 18-24. If the number is less than 18, marriage is not recommended. If the number is above 24, it is ideal for a blissful and trouble-free married life.

The minimum corresponding Kundli number required for a smooth married life is 18. Anything below this number is not considered viable. However, there are some astrological remedies which, if followed religiously, can remove your worries.

What is Mangal Dosha and how can it affect the chances of marriage?

Mangal dosha is one of the most critical factors that influence horoscope matching. If Mars is unbalanced in both horoscopes, it can greatly affect the chances of a happy marriage.

Presence of Mangal Dosha in your Kundli can cause delay in marriage if not corrected; it can adversely affect your marriage and cause problems in your married life. Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja should usually be performed before marriage.

What is Nadi Dosha in Marriage?

Nadi dosha occurs in Kundli pairing when both partners have the same Nadi. The presence of Nadi dosha can affect the health of both partners and cause childlessness and an unhappy marriage. However, this dosha can be removed if Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja is performed before marriage.

Does Kundali matching guarantee a successful arranged marriage?

Whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage, horoscope matching is one of the best ways to know the compatibility between the bride and the groom. Detailed marriage matching based on birth charts can lay the foundation for a successful marriage.

Reasons for delaying marriage:

According to astrology, if Rahu is in the 12th house of Venus, then there are many obstacles in marriage. This causes marriage to be delayed unnecessarily. … But these interruptions will end after attaining one age and marriage will be concluded in the life of the native.

At what age do you get married?

Interruption ends with the native’s marriage and usually in the 33rd year. Another yoga will also break the marriage. If the seventh house is in sin katratari (yoga made up of three planets) or a retrograde planet in the seventh house, then the combination of Moon and Venus also delays marriage.

This planet also becomes an obstacle in marriage:

Mars can also be responsible for delay in marriage. If marriage is delayed for these reasons, or the reason for the delay is not understood by a person, it is necessary to prevent it in a special way. It is strongly believed to help remove obstacles in marriage.

Prevention method for boys:

In this situation, a special method of worship is required. If it is a boy, he should properly recite “Argala” on Durga Saptashati. He should give yellow packaged goods at weddings.

It brings happiness and peace to married couples. In addition, problems in one’s own marriage are also solved.

Method of prevention for a girl:

If the person is a girl and her marriage is delayed a lot, she should also worship with a special method. Such a girl should fast on Monday or Thursday. After assessing the position and condition of the planets also donate the items listed for the respective planets.

What should be donated?

In such a situation, the girl should donate yellow clothes, sandalwood and sweets. Some scholars consider the worship of Mata Bhagwati to be particularly beneficial for girls.

Chanting Gayatri mantra is also very helpful. It removes many obstacles in life. True worship of mother bears fruit.

Final words

If you want 100% happiness in life, then you can get complete information about horoscope matching at home by online meeting with experts of our portal and based on this information you can make further decisions. If you are already married and have disputes between husband and wife. Then with the help of Kundali Matching you can know the solution to these problems and make your life happy. We hope we have tried to convey the whole thing to you well and if you understand it very well, you can contact our team to book an appointment immediately and know the solution to your problem.


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