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Alessandro Marinella: A Style Icon In The Making

Alessandro Marinella is a young fashion entrepreneur who has displayed extraordinary business acumen in the global fashion industry. He is the current head of E.Marinella, a brand that has represented excellent and authentic tailoring and craftsmanship for over a century. Founded by Don Eugenio Marinella in the year 1914, E.Marinella has gone on to become an international brand of ties that offers bespoke tailoring services around the world.

Alessandro Marinella has successfully taken E.Marinella to another level. He regularly uses social media with the objective to promote the culture and tradition of the city of Naples and also bring Neapolitan fashion and style closer to everyone.

Alessandro Marinella has equipped himself for the role of being responsible for the growth and advancement of E.Marinella. He got education from the Liceo Scientifico Mercalli in Chiaia and finished a Business Administration program at the University of Naples, Federico II. Alessandro Marinella also went to the cities of Barcelona and London to attend and finish more courses in the fields of fashion and business.

Alessandro Marinella credits his business acumen to his father’s teachings and the knowledge that he acquired during the years of education. He has introduced various technological advancements to the production processes of E.Marinella but has made it a point to ensure that nothing interferes with the brand’s authenticity and richness.

He went on to take up more business courses in the cities of London and Barcelona. Today, Alessandro Marinella is of the opinion that this education has helped him greatly in understanding fashion’s elements of style, comfort, design, and authenticity.

Additionally, Alessandro Marinella is also one of the first people in the tailoring industry who recognized and used social media as an effective tool of marketing and commerce. Today, the ties of E.Marinella adorn the collars of some of the most well known figures in the world.

As for Alessandro Marinella, he continues using social media platforms to promote Neapolitan fashion and its culture. He is a style icon that comes with both, modernity and tradition.

In the fashion community, Alessandro Marinella has emerged as a fashion entrepreneur and style icon who brings the fashion and tradition of Naples to an international space and platform. E.Marinella continues to grow under him.










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